Generation of multiple xls files

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Generation of multiple xls files

Postby anieder » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:19 am

Hello there,

we are running GA/400 4.2 on iseries 7.1

I am trying to create a number of xls files out of one AS/400 database file. Background is to send a list of item numbers to all active suppliers. The base file has the supplier number and item number (and more) fields and looks like this:

suppl1 item1
suppl1 item2
suppl2 item1
suppl3 item1
suppl3 item2....

What i want to do is to create one xls file for each supplier i find in this file (= report break).

Can this be done with standard GA/400 functionality?

Any hint is very much appreciated.

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Re: Generation of multiple xls files

Postby Support_Rick » Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:31 am


You can perform this functionality easily using the SQL Task to retrieve a unique list of Supplier codes, then loop through that Rowset and calling the SQL Task again (inside the loop) to retrieve the items into a separate Rowset then writing that 2nd Rowset to a CSV. In Pseudo Terms:

Code: Select all
<sql Task>
<Query = "Select Distinct Supplier_Code from MyTable" OutputRowsetVariable="MySuppliers">

<ForEach InputRowsetVariable="${MySuppliers}" ItemVar="ThisSupplier">

   <sql Task>
   <Query = "Select Item, ItemDesc, ItemCost from MyTable where Supplier=${ThisSupplier[1]}" OutputRowsetVariable="SupplierItems">

   <writeCSV InputRowsetVariable="${SupplierItems}"
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