Interface with Livelink

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Interface with Livelink

Postby Joerg » Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:04 am


is there anybody have a clue about GA director interface to Livelink from OpenText?
I try to 'Get' a file from the work room with xml interface (HTTPS). But always I get html content of a redirect page not the xml data. If I use the link within my browser I've got the right xml result.
Here is an example of export links (Livelink):
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<Livelink CGI URL>?func=ll&objId=<objectid>&objAction=XMLExport&scope=sub&attributeinfo&nodeinfo&versioninfo=all&content=base64

In the result redirect page content there is the same link. The use of all parameters I set (redirect true, cookies allowed) shows no reaction.
The best is: at the begin of my tests it works one time, then never again.
And second question: How can I transform base64 content from result xml response body with task steps?.
Here is an example:
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<version comment="DAV Upload" createdate="2012-12-04T10:03:18" filecreatedate="2012-12-04T10:03:18" filedatasize="4" filemodifydate="2012-12-04T10:03:18" filename="test.txt" fileplatform="3" fileressize="0" filetype="txt" id="117165505" indexed="0" locked="0" mimetype="text/plain" modifydate="2012-12-04T10:03:18" name="1" nodeid="117165505" number="1" owner="22266739" providerid="117165505" providername="Storage2" vermajor="0" verminor="1">
<content type="base64">

with regards
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