Is it possible to create a "fileset of directories" ?

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Is it possible to create a "fileset of directories" ?

Postby marcosjl » Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:39 am


here is what I'm intending to do:

I have a FTP Server where users log in with real accounts, and where they can upload files in a directory structure like this: /FTP_HOME/User1/InBOX, /FTP_HOME/User2/InBOX, ...

I would like to create a project whitin GA Anywhere that:
- creates a "dirset" of directories under /FTP_HOME
- foreach OneDir in "dirset"; do
- Run tasks onfiles located in ${OneDir}/InBOX

Is this feasable ?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Is it possible to create a "fileset of directories" ?

Postby Support_Duane » Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:07 pm

GoAnywhere does not have a process to create a list of directories, but you can create a filelist and extract the directories from that.
For Instance, using the example you provided - /FTP_HOME/User1/InBOX, /FTP_HOME/User2/InBOX,... - you would create a fileset using /FTP_HOME as the base directory and specify Recursive - True. Next use the Print task to write the resulting fileset out to a file. Use the Search and Replace task to replace all of the slashes (/) with a valid .csv delimiter (I usually use a pipe (|) ) giving you records that look like:
Then use a Read CSV task to read the file. In this case, each of the folders you want to work with is the third field, so you can use a loop to process the files for each user.

Files in either /FTP_HOME or in /FTP_HOME/User1, /FTP_HOME/User2 (etc) could cause this process to not work as expected, so if that is a possibility, you'll need to take steps to handle them.
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