Process FTP based on CreateRemote List

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Process FTP based on CreateRemote List

Postby RElliott63 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:40 am

Are there any examples of how to create a Project that will read a remote FTP folder, retrieve a list of the file names, and move them to final destinations?

Basically, a triggered job from GA Services that activates a Director Project to bring files onto a DMZ server and disperse based on business rules of distribution. The file names could be mixed (no naming pattern). I would like to soft-code the destinations (have a table that has the server, library, tablename that the file will be moved to).

The pseudo-code would be something like:

--File(s) received on Server outside DMZ
--GA Services triggers Director Project (DP) based on folder having files
--DP does a FileList on inbound Server
--DP renames the inbound file (adds a timestamp extension)
--DP reads an SQL table to determine destination specifications
--DP moves the file to final destination
--DP removes the renamed file from inbound server

Any XML examples would be greatly appreciated...

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