Writing to the IFS

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Writing to the IFS

Postby monahanks » Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:45 am

We have GA Director (and GA Services) running on an iSeries. We have set up a network share to the IFS and granted full access to a subfolder on the IFS. However, when we run a project in GAD to get a file from the iSeriesand specify the IFS subfolder as part of the destination file name, we get an "Access Denied" failure. If we put just a file name in the destination file and the IFS subfolder as the destination directory, the iSeries file is written to the workspace created for the project.
I can go to the IFS resource and click "test" and access the path. Why can I not put a file to the IFS subfolder?

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Re: Writing to the IFS

Postby Support_Julie » Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:05 am

This question will be answered off-line as we will need to do a little research on this before answering.

First, please verify that the user id that starts the subsystem has authority to the folder & file.

If it does, then please send in your project XML & project log with the log level set to DEBUG.
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Re: Writing to the IFS

Postby jlane » Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:29 am

This way be of help all GoAnywhere Users who utilize an AS400 - This is what was done to Create a Network Share to access the IFS Folders:
- Created the folder GoAnyWhere under /Root
- Modified the folder to be a shared folder with Read/Write Access
- Verified the UserID being utilized for the Network Share had the proper Access Rights

Create Network Share:
- For Share Name - Enter /GoAnyWhere
- For Authentication - Enter UserID and Password
- For Authentication - Select NO for Use logged-user Credentials.

Wtih this Network Share we are able to Retrieve, Create and Delete files from under the IFS Folder /Root/GoAnyWhere and sub-folders.
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