How do I increment a number at the end of a filename?

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How do I increment a number at the end of a filename?

Postby Support_Duane » Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:51 pm

Here is an example project for an iSeries. It can be modified to run using almost any other database server.

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<project name="TEST SQL using QTEMP" mainModule="Main" version="1.0">

   <module name="Main" logLevel="debug">

         <format outputVariable="cymd" pattern="yyyyMMdd" />

      <createFileList label="Count Files" numFilesFoundVariable="filesFound">
         <fileset dir="/djohnson/outfile">
               <include pattern="prefix_${cymd}_*" />

      <sql label="SQL" resourceId="Dev61">
         <query label="create table">
            <statement>create table qtemp.filecount (files NUM(3))</statement>
         <query label="insert count value" whenNoDataFound="continue">
            <statement>INSERT INTO qtemp.filecount(files) values(${filesFound} + 1)</statement>
         <query label="Get File_Count" outputVariable="File_Count">
            <statement>SELECT  case                                     
                               When files &lt; 10     then &apos;00&apos;
                               When files &lt; 100    then &apos;0&apos; 
                       concat trim(char(files)) from qtemp.filecount</statement>

      <setVariable name="FileCount" value="${File_Count[1]}" />

      <setVariable label="initialize file name" name="fileName" value="prefix_${cymd}_${FileCount}.zip" />

      <copy label="Copy File" sourceFile="/source_path/filename"
destFile="/destination_path/${fileName}" whenFileExists="overwrite" />



To give it a try to see how it works, change the name of the source_path and filename and the destination path and change the prefix if desired.
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