How to Pass Variables to IBMi

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How to Pass Variables to IBMi

Postby Support_Julie » Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:11 pm

This is an example of how to pass a variable or value back to the IBMi from a GoAnywhere Director Project:

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<project name="How to Pass data back to IBMi" mainModule="Main" version="2.0">
   <!-- Passed Parameters -->
   <variable name="UserName" value="" />

   <module name="Main">

      <timestamp label="Create Timestamp Variable" version="1.0">
         <format outputVariable="Todays_Date" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" />
         <format outputVariable="Two_Weeks_Ago" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd" dayOfMonth="-14" />

      <if label="Get UserName" condition="${ UserName eq &apos;&apos; }">

         <setVariable label="Set UserName" name="UserName" value="${}" version="2.0" />


      <exec400 label="Write Parms to DataArea" resourceId="Dev53" version="1.0">
                        TEXT('Parameters from GoAnywhere')                                                       
            <monmsg messageID="CPF1023" action="continue" />
            <![CDATA[CHGDTAARA DTAARA(QGPL/GAPARMS (1 10)) VALUE('${UserName}')]]>
            <![CDATA[CHGDTAARA DTAARA(QGPL/GAPARMS (11 15)) VALUE('${Todays_Date}')]]>
            <![CDATA[CHGDTAARA DTAARA(QGPL/GAPARMS (26 15)) VALUE('${Two_Weeks_Ago}')]]>


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