Server chose unsupported or disabled protocol: SSLv3

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Server chose unsupported or disabled protocol: SSLv3

Postby Support_Julie » Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:05 am

When testing a FTPS server definition, customer is getting a
"Server chose unsupported or disabled protocol: SSLv3" error

This issue is only noticed when GoAnywhere (prior to version 2.0) is installed on the iSeries. Upgrading GoAnywhere to version 2.0 will correct this problem. If you are on a previous version please refer to the following topic for more information about upgrading GoAnywhere:

In GoAnywhere 2.x or higher go to the FTPS resource definition and select SSL on the Security Protocol attribute on the Basic tab. Then enter SSL or SSL_TLS on the SSL Context Protocol attribute on the Advanced tab. Then press the TEST button & verify that it connects.
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