HTTPS service

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HTTPS service

Postby alfonso » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:53 am

Is there a way to download files from a GoAnywhere HTTPS Service directly without having to use the web interface?

Something like:

GET https://goanywhere-server/user/inbound/file.txt
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Re: HTTPS service

Postby administrator » Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:49 am

In GoAnywhere Services 2.5.0 and higher you can provide links to users that will download specific files. The user would still need to authenticate but the link will take them to a simple interface where they can download the file specified in the URL.

The URL would look like the following:

[hostName] - This should be replaced with your domain or IP address for GoAnywhere Services.

[:portNumber] - If you are using an IP address and the Web Client is not using the default port 443.

[relativeFilePath] - This is the file path once the user logs in. If they have file.txt in their home directory the relativeFilePath would be 'file.txt'. If the file is in a subdirectory like 'outbound' the path would be 'outbound/file.txt'.

[?u=userName] - If you decide to pass in a user name the login page will only prompt the user for a password. Without this parameter the login will ask for user name and password.

Examples URLs:
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