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Microsoft Windows

Installing GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio™ in Windows is a simple process. Follow the steps below to start using this Open PGP tool in minutes! Click the thumbnail on any step to expand the GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio screenshots.

  1. Locate the downloaded installer and double-click that file to launch the GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio installer.
  2. In the Welcome screen, click Next. Windows Installation Welcome - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  3. In the License Agreement screen, read and accept the License Agreement, and then click Next. Windows Installation License Agreement - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  4. In the Select Destination screen, accept the default installation directory or click the Browse button to select another location. When complete, click Next. Windows Installation Select Destination - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  5. In the Start Menu screen, select the appropriate options, and then click Next. If installing in Windows 8, a tile is available on the Metro display. Windows Installation Start Menu - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  6. The GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio installation wizard installs the application on your computer. Windows Installation - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  7. In the Completing Installation screen, select how often GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio will update, and then click Finish. Windows Installation Completing Installation - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio

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