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Need an Alternative to AMRDEC SAFE’s File Service? Start Here

Amrdec SAFE file sharing security issues and alternative solutions

AMRDEC SAFE Shut Down Due to Security Issues

Bad news for the U.S. army: AMRDEC SAFE, the Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center Safe Access File Exchange service that allows teams to exchange secure file transfers of sensitive (non-classified) army intelligence, has been disabled by the Department of Defense over security concerns.

AMRDEC officials told ZDNet that “AMRDEC was initially developed to facilitate the exchange of large data files between AMRDEC and its industry partners and customers,” not for frequent or “widespread use.”

At this time, nearly a month after taking AMRDEC SAFE offline, the DOD says they have no current plans to restore usage. Instead, they are urging teams that relied on their file sharing service to look for suitable file transfer alternatives.

Finding a Suitable Alternative to AMRDEC’s File Service

In the weeks since AMRDEC SAFE’s disablement, AMRDEC professionals, DOD contractors, and others who used the file service are scrambling to find a new solution for their secure file transfer needs. The many file transfer options available on the market makes this an overwhelming task, especially if government organizations are looking for replacements that closely match SAFE in implementation and use.

If you need an alternative to AMRDEC SAFE, we can help.

First, we recommend you avoid the free or open-source FTP tools that are on the market. These tools are budget-friendly and may fit your timeline for implementation, but there are a few problems with them—the biggest being that FTP is not secure. By using FTP, you risk leaving your data in the clear.

Other marks against free or open-source tools include the risk of using a solution that is rarely (if ever) updated, doesn’t offer technical support if you encounter problems with a transfer, fails to provide useful features like file transfer automation or audit logs, and often can’t help with strict compliance requirements.

Second, we suggest you start your search with secure file transfer (also referred to as managed file transfer). Secure file transfer solutions are affordable powerhouses that give you a streamlined, centralized view of your file transfers and users from a single web interface. They can be used to connect to and exchange sensitive files with users, co-workers, industry partners, and customers.

What can secure file transfer do for you?

  • Provide industry encryption standards like OpenPGP and AES
  • Transmit files over secure FTP protocols (e.g., SFTP, FTPS, AS2, HTTPS)
  • Log file transfer and user activity for easy auditing and reporting
  • Automate file transfers without size limits
  • Connect to servers on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment

Finally, a secure file transfer solution can also help you achieve strict file transfer requirements from business partners, federal privacy laws, and local regulations.

How is Secure File Transfer Similar to AMRDEC SAFE?

If you’re looking for a new solution, you may wonder if the secure file transfer solution you choose is similar to AMRDEC SAFE. And that’s a great question!

When comparing GoAnywhere MFT, our secure file transfer solution, to AMRDEC SAFE, here are several distinct similarities we’ve found that will allow you to implement quickly and hit the ground running.

GoAnywhere MFT gives you the ability to:

  • Password protect your files
  • Create over 20 different reports on activity
  • Require logins for sending and receiving file transfers
  • Encrypt your data in transit and at rest, no matter where it resides
  • Limit and/or track files sent by the time and/or number of downloads
  • Send attachments separate from emails so you aren’t limited to email rules

Your Time is Valuable, so We Made this Buyer’s Guide

Does a secure managed file transfer solution sound like it might meet your requirements for an AMRDEC SAFE replacement? If it does, don’t waste time looking for more informationwe have a great guide to everything you need right here.

Our ultimate buyer’s guide to secure managed file transfer will walk you through everything you need to know about MFT, including industry- and compliance-specific considerations. It even comes with a printable requirements checklist to help you get started with your evaluations.

And of course, if you’d rather dive into a free trial of our MFT solution, you can do that too. We’re here to answer any questions you might need during your search.

Get the MFT Buyer’s Guide


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