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which is better: an SFTP solution or an MFT solution?

FEATURED BLOG: Which is Better: SFTP vs. MFT?

SFTP or MFT file transfer solutions? That is the question. In this article, we compare secure FTP protocol solutions to MFT solutions to determine why an organization might need to choose one over the other.

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5 Topics You Should Know About in the World of Cybersecurity

Avoid data breaches by keeping up to date with the most recent news and guidelines within the world of cybersecurity.

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Government organizations are charged with upholding new cybersecurity order.

How to Meet Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity Requirements

President Biden’s executive order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity calls for stronger and more layered data security as part of a focus on data-centric security architecture centered around the principals of zero-trust.

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Healthcare Data Security

The Top 10 Healthcare Data Breaches of 2020

Regarding data breaches in healthcare, 2020 was the worst. Exposed patient data flooded the year from one data breach to the next. Read about the biggest healthcare breaches of 2020 in our blog.

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Stacks of big data

Improve Your Big Data File Transfers: 11 Security Features to Consider

Big data transfers can be complicated: moving sensitive data usually is. Here’s what you should consider when looking to improve your file transfer processes.

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Explaining EDI

The Complete Guide to EDI

EDI covers a wide variety of data needing to be exchanged electronically between organizations. Discover all the ins and outs of EDI in our complete guide.

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Business man holding a phone uses MFT for secure file transfer

8 Reasons to Implement an MFT Security Solution

Looking for a secure file transfer solution? Discover what makes managed file transfer (MFT) your best bet.

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Password Security Practices

What is World Password Day?

Every year on the first Thursday of May, World Password Day is recognized. Let this day serve as a reminder to keep your sensitive data secure with the help of strong passwords.

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Padlock and Canadian flag representing cybersecurity Canada

What is the Canadian Communication Security Establishment?

What is the CSE and how does it impact cybersecurity in Canada? Discover how the CSE drives cybersecurity in Canada and the U.S., and steps you can take to improve your cybersecurity and risk management.

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Data Integration with MFT

What Does Integration Buy You?

Data integration elevates your file transfers and overall business processes. Stop spending time on manual efforts and start embracing file transfer integration.

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Person pointing out data security best practices for CISOs on a laptop

Data Security Best Practices Every CISO Should Know

Shouldering data security as a CISO is a hefty job. Adopting a few of the best practices to surround data can make it a lot easier.

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