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which is better: an SFTP solution or an MFT solution?

FEATURED BLOG: Which is Better: SFTP vs. MFT?

SFTP or MFT file transfer solutions? That is the question. In this article, we compare secure FTP protocol solutions to MFT solutions to determine why an organization might need to choose one over the other.

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A man holds a fishing rod in a sea of files, monitors, folders, and money.

What Are the Current Cyber Threat Trends in 2021?

Current cyber threat trends, including RaaS, spear phishing, and cryptojacking attacks, hinge on human error and gaps in cybersecurity. Learn what to keep an eye on, and how you can mitigate your company’s risk.

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Looking Up Cybersecurity Trends

The Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends of 2021

Cybersecurity is an evolving landscape where new threats are around every corner and new trends emerge on a consistent basis. In this blog, we explore the latest trends in cybersecurity.

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RaaS in Progress

What is Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a new subscription-based business model used by ransomware developers that has been gaining steam at a rapid pace with cybercriminals. Learn all about RaaS in our blog.

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This Month in Cybersecurity: E-Reader Threats and More

From E-Reader security issues to remote work policies, gain more tips and catch up on news from the world of cybersecurity.

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People trying to extract ransom from small businesses via ransomware attacks

Ransomware Attacks on Small Businesses: How to Mitigate

Small businesses are just as vulnerable as large enterprises to cyberthreats and ransomware attacks. Robust security defense strategies, including MFT, can help.

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This Month in Cybersecurity

Ready to learn more about how to protect your organization from cybersecurity threats? Learn what’s new in the world of cybersecurity as well as how you can continue to implement preventative cybersecurity practices.

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Financian organizations moving files securely with secure managed file transfer

How Managed File Transfer Supports SWIFT Compliance

Any organization that handles sensitive financial data knows that secure transfers are essential to data security. Discover how a secure file transfer solution can support and enhance your SWIFT usage.

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Cybersecurity and risks

The Biggest Cyber Risks Organizations Face Today

Organizations that handle sensitive data face looming cyber threats on a constant basis. Based on data collected from real attacks, see which cyber risks are the most predominant.

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ed caution sign overlaid on a map of South America

Why Banking Growth in Latin America Correlates with Cybercrime

Why is the banking industry in Latin America under attack? Discover the trends that have led to a growth in online banking and cyber threats throughout Latin America.

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5 Topics You Should Know About in the World of Cybersecurity

Avoid data breaches by keeping up to date with the most recent news and guidelines within the world of cybersecurity.

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