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which is better: an SFTP solution or an MFT solution?

FEATURED BLOG: Which is Better: SFTP vs. MFT?

SFTP or MFT file transfer solutions? That is the question. In this article, we compare secure FTP protocol solutions to MFT solutions to determine why an organization might need to choose one over the other.

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Working remotely, as this man does from his couch, puts data security at risk

How a Remote Workforce Impacts Your Data Security

Ensuring data security with a remote workforce in place is critical to avoiding a costly data breach. Be sure the tools you use are ones that not only secure data but are ones employees will actually use.

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map of the world with words Data Breach overlaid.

Top Data Breaches of 2020: How You Can Minimize Your Risks

2020 was unkind in many ways, and data breaches were no exception. With over 36 billion records exposed, 2020 was a chart-topping year. Discover the top offenders, month-by-month.

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Rebooting cybersecurity policies in the New Year helps guard against cybersecurity threats and safeguards file transfers.

Reboot Your Cybersecurity Policy in the New Year

Resolving to improve is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to bolstering your cybersecurity policies to better ensure your data is secure.

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Giant red lock reading

Retailers Work to Protect Against Data Breach

The most wonderful time of the year can present a gift to hackers: your customers’ personal data. Protect your retail organization from a credit card breach with secure processes.

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Icon-heavy diagram showing data being moved to, from, and within the cloud using SFTP

SFTP and the Cloud: How to Transfer Your Data Securely

Dive into secure practices for file transfer to and within your cloud environments.

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Finance and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand. Hand holding up an iPad with a bar chart on it.

The State of Financial Services Cybersecurity

Financial services CISOs and CIOs have identified secure file transfer as a top area of investment for the next year. Discover what makes MFT an attractive cybersecurity solution for today and tomorrow’s cyber risks.

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Ominous hooded figure standing over a laptop. New cybersecurity risks in tech today.

New Tech and New Hacks: How Are Cyber Risks Changing?

Discover today’s top cybersecurity risks, and what you can do to avoid them and stay ahead of the curve.

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Man standing in front of binary artwork in a museum, considering what file encryption software should include

The Ultimate Checklist for Purchasing File Encryption Software

Encryption software helps organizations to safeguard the data they collect, store, and share. Discover the ultimate checklist of what to look for in file encryption software before purchasing.

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Key made out of code. File encryption software helps you keep your data under lock and key.

What is File Encryption Software?

File encryption software is a tool that encodes data for better security. Encryption is essential to both cybersecurity and compliance. Learn how file encryption software is used to safeguard data worldwide.

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The act of transferring files electronically

What is Electronic File Transfer?

Electronic file transfer solutions benefit organizations more than any other file transfer alternative available. Learn more about what it is and the benefits in our blog.

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