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FEATURED BLOG: Get the Guide: Meeting GDPR Requirements with GoAnywhere MFT

Learn how GoAnywhere MFT can help you meet and address several GDPR requirements in this in-depth data sheet.

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Two Cybersecurity Takeaways from the Equifax Data Breach

What should onlooking cybersecurity teams learn from the Equifax data breach? Consider our top two security takeaways in this post.

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Video: How to Encrypt Files with OpenPGP Studio

Check out this video to see how easily you can encrypt and decrypt files from your desktop with the free GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio.

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OpenPGP, PGP and GPG: What is the difference?

What's the difference between PGP, OpenPGP, and GnuPG encryption? Find out how each of these methods began, and how they compare.

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Do Business with the Government with FIPS 140-2

By utilizing an automated and secure file transfer solution like GoAnywhere, along with FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, doing business with the federal government and other such regulated industries becomes much easier.

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Citigroup Breach Triggers Congressional Response

The data breach at Citigroup in May - a breach which reportedly exposed an estimated 200,000 customer accounts - has stimulated members of the U.S. Congress to re-introduce legislation to penalize the very organizations that have been victimized by hackers. What are the next steps your company should take?

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