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FEATURED BLOG: Which is Better: Free SFTP Software vs. Enterprise-Level SFTP Software?

So you need to exchange files with your trading partners. Is a free SFTP solution or enterprise-level SFTP solution better for your requirements? Compare the pros and cons of each in this article.

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What is PGP and How Does It Work?

GoAnywhere MFT uses the OpenPGP standard to ensure your file transfers successfully complete, are sent to the right place, arrive in tact, and are protected and encrypted from unauthorized recipients. But what is PGP, exactly, and how does it work? Read this article to find out.

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The Culture of Data Security

We need to grow a data security culture that includes securing file transfers. Currently, the largest security holes exist in the departments outside the core IT organization. They don't place the same value on the protection of personal data as IT departments do.

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Who is Protecting Your Healthcare Records?

According to a study from the Ponemon Institute, patient privacy is often overexposed and less of a priority than expected. Dig into our recap of this study, including takeaways on HITECH rules and the main cause of current healthcare data breaches, then learn why it might be time to switch to a Secure Managed File Transfer solution for your encryption needs.

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New Message Queues and Network Shares Added to GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFT 3.5 is now available with more features to help organizations automate, secure, and manage their file transfers. These include Message Queues and File Monitors. Learn about version 3.5 and read the full press release in this article.

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Dealing with the HITECH Requirements of HIPAA

Encrypting your data is the most recognized, safest, and least expensive means of protecting your organization from liability from unauthorized access. If you've been to putting off addressing the potential pitfall of unauthorized access to your data, now is the time to investigate.

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Why FTP is an Outdated Method of Security

FTP wasn't designed for the requirements of the modern, globally-connected enterprises we have today. If you use FTP in your organization, there are better methods available now to manage and secure your file transfers, like managed file transfer software. Explore the risks of FTP and benefits of MFT in our latest white paper.

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Meeting Compliance Regulations and Privacy Laws for Sensitive Data Transfers

Losing sensitive data can result in great financial expenses, lawsuits, and public outrage. To combat this, industries are creating new regulations that outline how teams should secure personal information from attacks. Read more to learn about these regulations and what they involve.

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Was FTP Use Behind the Wikileaks Breach?

New FTP data breaches are coming to the surface everywhere we look. This time, it was the Wikileaks breach, exposing 250,000 confidential government documents, and security breaches for Gawker and McDonalds. Are your FTP credentials secure? Read this article to explore FTP alternatives like secure file transfer.

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Renewing Our IBM Advanced Business Partner Level

GoAnywhere has recently renewed its IBM Advanced Business Partner Level. Our products (including some HelpSystems solutions) have been tested to run natively on the IBM i, providing you with software you can trust in your iSeries environment.

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Are Your FTP Credentials Secure?

Are you certain your FTP credentials are secure? Hint: They may not be. A researcher recently found a malicious website that contained the login credentials of more than 100,000 FTP sites, proving FTP isn't a safe option for businesses who need to transfer critical data. Get the full story here.

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