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FEATURED BLOG: Who’s Leading the Managed File Transfer Data Quadrant?

What vendors lead the way in the managed file transfer market? Info-Tech Research Group’s recent MFT Data Quadrant lists GoAnywhere & others as top solutions to consider.

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Silence the Nagging By Securing Your Data

Because IT is responsible for the company's data, we need to stay abreast of the compliance regulations and security laws that apply to it. We also need to to understand and implement the three types of data protection (physical, transitional, and procedural) in order to meet upcoming changes.

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How Important is Auditing Your File Transfers?

When you send someone a file via FTP, how do you prove that it was successfully sent? It might be possible to save a screenshot, but what if your commands start getting complex? We share an easier way to audit your file transfers in this article.

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MFT Helps Strengthen Business Relationships

Our business relationships are one of our most critical assets, so maintaining and nurturing them is a top priority. Ensuring that customers' and trading partners' data remains secure is a key part of that relationship.

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GoAnywhere MFT 4.0 Released

GoAnywhere MFT 4.0 has added a variety of enhancements to improve the user experience, including enhanced job controls, custom add-ons, new options for holiday calendars for scheduling, and more than 30 additional advanced functions.

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The Problem with FTP

Early Internet users shared information that was freely available to the public. Since then, we've turned to sharing sensitive data instead. How has this changed the culture of data security? And if FTP isn't recommended for use today, where should organizations turn to protect their file transfers?

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Reverse Proxy DMZ Secure Gateways Might Be The Missing Link in Your MFT Strategy

A DMZ secure gateway can be used as a secure bridge between your trading partners and file servers. It allows you to move files out of the DMZ and into your private network without having to open inbound ports. You can learn more about DMZ secure gateways and their benefits in this whitepaper.

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SFTP vs. FTPS: What's the Best Protocol for Secure FTP?

SFTP and FTPS are strong alternatives to FTP, but which secure file transfer protocol is better? Explore the differences between SFTP and FTPS, learn how they're implemented and authenticated, and discover which protocol we recommend using.

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Latin American Bankers Discuss Data Security at CELAES 2011

Banks, financial organizations, and banking security experts are gathering in Miami for CELAES 2011, one of the largest annual bank security conferences for Latin American bankers. Before you go, here's what you should know about banking data breaches in Latin America.

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Citigroup Breach Triggers Congressional Response

A data breach at Citigroup - which reportedly exposed an estimated 200,000 customer accounts - has urged U.S. Congress to re-introduce legislation and penalize the very organizations that have been victimized by hackers. What are the next steps your company should take?

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Top 10 Healthcare Data Breaches in 2010

Most data breaches are caused by simple acts of carelessness. In 2010, the average cost of a data breach rose by over $200 a record. Explore the top ten most expensive data breaches that occurred in 2010, then learn how to prevent them in your organization.

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