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Cybersecurity and the Coronavirus

FEATURED BLOG: How the Coronavirus is Impacting Your Data Security

As the coronavirus continues to generate headlines around the world, it’s not just your health at risk – your private data is at risk too.

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5 Ways Healthcare is Using Managed File Transfer

Using MFT in healthcare organizations is critical. Learn how people across the globe are using GoAnywhere's MFT suite to deliver results when trying to improve secure file transfer and collaboration processes.

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AnMed Health Achieves Considerable IT Cost Savings with GoAnywhere MFT

AnMed Health was able to use GoAnywhere MFT to achieve considerable savings on Data Center operations. A 500-hour reduction in programming operations along with eliminating the need for a Network Engineer to troubleshoot transfers are just a few of the savings that they experienced.

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GoAnywhere Developer Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Linoma Software's [now HelpSystems] 20-year anniversary is celebrated by explaining the story behind how Linoma Software's products, such as the GoAnywhere software suite came to be.

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Dropbox is Easy But is it Good for Business?

Dropbox is popular for exchanging photos and documents between friends, but in a business environment, cloud-based file sharing apps pose a real threat. MFT is an alternative that delivers the same results but with greater control, encryption at rest and in transit, and detailed audit logs.

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SFTP vs FTPS - Best Solution for Secure FTP (Infographic)

Which is better to use: SFTP or FTPS? Carefully weighing the differences between the file transfer protocols is important. Analyze the enclosed infographic to find out which is the best choice for secure FTP.

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Managed File Transfer 101: What's in it for Me?

Creating transparency within your organization's files can lead to less challenges. Standard FTP offers limitations to this transparency, which is why MFT may be the best route to go. Learn more about how Managed File Transfer is a crucial part to a company's security.

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IT Security Threat Reaches Executive Level

Customer records including sensitive data can easily be monetized, providing high profile target for thieves. Learn why it's important that the CEO and board become directly engaged in the file security process to properly detect and resolve intrusions.

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SFTP Server in the DMZ or Private Network

Should I install my SFTP server in the DMZ or Private Network? Learn more about which is best for your organization and weigh the pros and cons in this article.

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File sharing needs to be easier for employees and more secure for IT administrators

Make it easier for your employees to share files securely. Attend our free webinar on Jan. 30 to find out how GoAnywhere streamlines the process for employees while keeping IT admins happy.

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Grocery Outlet Uses GoAnywhere to Automate File Transfers

Dealing with 30,000 files every day along with fixing problematic files can be a struggle, but Grocery Outlet has found a way to solve that issue. GoAnywhere is a great solution for managing workflows quickly and easily. Learn what Grocery Outlet has to say about their success with GoAnywhere.

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