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After upgrading to 2.0, we are unable to edit a project.

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:27 pm
by Support_Julie
If you are unable edit a project after upgrading to version 2.0, it could be because of the Browser cache. It is common for Browsers to cache GoAnywhere scripts (JavaScripts) so the pages load faster. In 2.0, several changes were made to scripts and new scripts were added. In order for your browser to pick up these latest scripts, you need to clear the cache.

Clearing the cache depends on what browser you are using.

For Firefox:
  • Select Clear Private Data... menu item under the Tools menu
  • In the Clear Private Data dialog, check the Cache checkbox
  • Click on Clear Private Data Now
For Internet Explorer:
  • Select Internet Options menu item under the Tools menu
  • Click on Delete... button under the Browsing History section
  • In the Delete Browsing History dialog, click on Delete files... button in the Temporary Internet Files section
The above instructions for clearing the cache may not be accurate depending on the browser's version you are using. Please consult the Browser's documentation in that case.