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Enhanced Web Client popup shows digital signature is expired

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:15 am
by Support_Erick
Affected Versions
GoAnywhere Services 3.2.1 and below (when using HTTPS Enhanced Web Client).

The SSL code signing certificate used by Linoma Software to sign the Enhanced Web Client (Applet) JAR files in the affected versions of GoAnywhere Services will expire on August 24th, 2013. After this day, end users (trading partners) will experience a confirmation popup asking them if they want to run the application. This confirmation will note that the application’s digital signature has expired.
NOTE: This issue does not affect GoAnywhere Services version 3.3.0 and higher.

Linoma Software has updated the digital signature on the Enhanced Web Client for GoAnywhere Services version 3.0.0 through version 3.2.1. Please contact Linoma Software Support ([email protected]) to get access to the appropriate patch files.

After applying the patch, end users (trading partners) will need to make one final confirmation of the new digital signature.
Instead of applying the patch, you may choose to have your end users (trading partners) accept the expired signature confirmation of the Enhanced Web Client and the application will function normally. Additionally, they may choose the option to not show this message again.