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GoAnywhere MFT 6.0.0 Upgrade/Java 8 Required

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:43 am
by Support_Philip
GoAnywhere MFT 6.0.0 requires that you upgrade to Java 8. With this upgrade process you must ensure that the embedded JRE 7 is not being used. You may encounter an error that states that you have not upgraded the JRE even though the external java is already on JRE 8. In order to resolve this you will need to clean up the old embedded JRE folders. To do so remove the [INSTALL_DIR]/jre folder, or rename the [INSTALL_DIR]/jre to something like [INSTALL_DIR]/jre.old. This will allow GoAnywhere to use the correct JAVA for the upgrade process.

The instructions for externalizing JAVA or upgrading your existing embedded JRE are found within the GoAnywhere upgrade guide and can be downloaded from our customer portal at