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Job Log Too Large to Index Error

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:47 pm
by Support_Josh
I am getting the error "Job log too large to index" in my job log. What is the cause of this error as my project looks to have completed as expected?

When the above error appears in a job log it means that GoAnywhere MFT has attempted to index the job log in its global search index and failed due to the size of the job log being too large. However, the only effect that this has on the GoAnywhere application is that when using the Global Logs “Search” functionality, the job log will not be included in that search since it cannot be indexed. A user can still get to the job log within the GoAnywhere application by searching the Audit Logs for Completed Jobs as normal.

This behavior is intended to keep the Global Log search as quick as possible to prevent long wait times between a search and the corresponding results.