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JVM Garbage Collection

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 1:23 pm
by Support_Josh
Are there any JVM options to help GoAnywhere perform garbage collection at optimal specifications?

Although the operation of GoAnywhere depends on the Java Virtual Machine to operate properly, we cannot recommend any options at this time. Since GoAnywhere MFT can perform a plethora of different tasks, it is difficult to make general recommendations that would positively improve all MFT systems in all environments. Some options may improve the performance of the MFT JVM in one environment but may negatively impact other JVM's in other situations. However, that is why we support making changes to the JVM arguments on a per system basis in the following locations:

For Windows: [installationDirectory]\tomcat\bin\goanywherew.exe on the Java tab of the opened window
  • NOTE: This could also be called goanywhereservicesw.exe if that MFT instance was upgraded from GoAnywhere Services
For IBM i/Linux/AIX: [installationDirectory]\tomcat\bin\ file under the JAVA_OPTS section

If you want to learn further about optimizing your GoAnywhere instance with specific garbage collection options, here are some resources to consider when doing so. Please be sure to test out new options in a controlled environment so that production servers can continue operating at normal capacity.

Oracle JVM Options list: ... 40102.html

IBM JVM Options list: ... ds_gc.html

"Become a Java GC Expert" articles: IBM Java Garbage Collection Tuning: ... 3824&aid=1