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Setting up a database resource to the GoAnywhere Derby database

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:28 pm
by Support_Josh
I am curious to see how the data is stored on the back-end database that houses the GoAnywhere data but I have not yet externalized to an enterprise-level database. Is there any way to setup a connection within MFT to the internal Derby database?

It is possible to setup a connection to the internal Derby database within MFT using a Database resource. Instructions for setting up this resource are included below.

The first thing you will need to do is set up a Database connection for the database. Create a new Database resource that we will use to store these connection details.

When selecting the JDBC driver, an option for the GoAnywhere MFT internal database is not automatically populated from the drop down menu so we must add it manually. In the field labeled "JDBC Driver", type in the following:

In the "JDBC URL" field, type "jdbc:derby:" followed by the path of where the GoAnywhere Derby database is located. By default, the internal Derby database is located in the [installDir]/userdata/database/goanywhere folder.

For example, if your GoAnywhere database is in /linoma/goanywhere/userdata/database/goanywhere the JDBC URL will be:
jdbc:derby: /linoma/goanywhere/userdata/database/goanywhere

The User and Password fields can be left blank.

In the example below, the instance of GoAnywhere installed in the C:\Program Files\HelpSystems\GoAnywhere\userdata\database\goanywhere folder.
Derby Database Resource.png
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