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TIP: How to automatically trigger file automation in GoAnywhere MFT

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:58 am
by Support_Kara
A Trigger allows you to initiate eight different predefined tasks based on the 30 different Web User events that can occur in GoAnywhere. When an event occurs, such as when a file is uploaded or downloaded, GoAnywhere will automatically execute an action.

For example, by using the predefined “Successful Upload” trigger, you can automatically call a GoAnywhere workflow that will process that file.

Follow these steps to create a trigger:

1. Navigate to Workflows > Triggers.
2. Click + Add Trigger.
3. Specify a Domain, if needed
4. Select the Upload Successful event from the drop-down.
5. Give the Trigger a name (“Inbound File Upload,” for example).
6. The Conditions tab lets you customize when your trigger will call the action. For example, if you want to only call the action when a specific Web User uploads the file, you can specify the event.userName attribute and set it equal to the user’s ID.
7. From the “Actions” tab, select one of the actions, such as “Copy File” or “Call a Project”
8. Specify the Action parameters.
9. Click Save.

Now, when a received file meets the required conditions, GoAnywhere will process it automatically.

You can learn more about Triggers, Events, and Actions by launching our in-product help. Click the “?” icon that appears on the toolbar in GoAnywhere MFT and navigate to “Workflows > Trigger Manager.”