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TIP: How to TIP: make sure your GoAnywhere MFT install is PCI compliant

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:59 am
by Support_Kara
GoAnywhere offers an Advanced Reporting module that comes with over 20 different system reports. These reports let you keep track of GoAnywhere’s overall health and utilization.

GoAnywhere’s Security Settings Audit report is the most important system security report you should be using, especially if you need to meet or maintain compliance with PCI DSS.

The Security Settings Audit report takes a security snapshot of your GoAnywhere settings and shows you how it stacks up against specific PCI DSS requirements. Furthermore, it’ll tell you if there are any security and configuration issues and give you recommendations on how to handle them.

All the reports in GoAnywhere can be run as needed or scheduled using Advanced Workflows.

You can learn more about GoAnywhere reports by launching our in-product help. Click the “?” icon that appears on the toolbar in GoAnywhere MFT and navigate to “Logs & Reports > Reports.”