TIP: Take advantage of GoAnywhere’s web user groups

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Post by Support_Kara » Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:57 am
Web Users are accounts that can access GoAnywhere MFT to exchange files using standard protocols or access GoAnywhere’s web client to use Secure Mail, Secure Folders, Secure Forms, or GoDrive. Web Users can be external trading partners or employees.

Managing Web Users is a snap in GoAnywhere. Here are a few useful tips for working with Web User profiles:

Start with a Web User Template.
Templates allow you to configure the default account settings when new Web Users are created. You can create one template for employees and one template for trading partners. The templates will determine which features the Web User has access to as soon as they are created.

Use Web User Groups to manage permissions.
When a Web User is added to a group, they receive all the permissions, features, and file & folder access for the group. Web User Groups are great for managing Web Users that belong to different departments. When a new user is created, you can add them to their department’s Web User Group. They’ll immediately have all the same access and permissions as their team.

You can learn more about Web User management by launching our in-product help. Click the “?” icon that appears on the toolbar in GoAnywhere MFT and navigate to “Users > Web Users.”
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