USE CASE: Gathering weather data in remote areas of Alaska

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Post by Support_Kara » Wed May 30, 2018 8:21 am
A University research group connected digital weather stations and cameras to wireless broadband radio transmitters in Alaska, then used GoAnywhere MFT to retrieve, translate, and compile information for secure transmission back to their school office in Cincinnati. Since it's common to experience Internet connection issues in remote locations like Alaska, they rely on GoAnywhere's ability to restart a transmission to help ensure it is sent successfully.

The transmissions included meteorological readings from 14 weather stations, still images taken by their monitoring cameras, and timestamp information. This solution provided them with a baseline and any new climate patterns for an area not regularly monitored with that level of detail.

Although most customers don't need to obtain weather patterns from a remote location, it's a creative demonstration of how to leverage GoAnywhere and its timestamp, security and auto-retry capabilities.

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