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USE CASE: Moving files to a centralized system

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 4:01 pm
by Support_Brooke
Many customers want to store files in a central location for easy access. One example we heard recently was a medical center that’s using GoAnywhere to grab patient files, like consults or test results, and move them to a centralized fax server solution.

How it works is that as each fax is received, employees append a patient barcode to the fax and place it in the appropriate folder in the system. On the backend, GoAnywhere moves the files into a document imaging API, where they’re processed into their EMR software as part of that patient’s medical record.

This use case eliminates the need for this medical center to physically store and scan faxes, and is a more reliable way to make sure information is stored in the patient’s medical record.

How are other organizations moving files with GoAnywhere?

P.S. You can find more use cases by downloading The GoAnywhere Book of Secure File Transfer Project Examples here: