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Why Does My Newly Configured SFTP Resource Hang Indefinitely?

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:24 pm
by Support_Jerrod

I have just set up a new SFTP Server resource and when I test it, the resource just hangs/spins without ever receiving a response. Why is this happening?


By default, the SFTP client/resource is not configured to use a specific authentication method; therefore, when negotiating the authentication method to use with the SFTP Host, the client is offering all of the available authentication methods (password, public key, gssapi-with-mic, keyboard-interactive). In some cases, the SFTP host is unable to negotiate the different authentication methods, which can result in a hanging resource.

In order to resolve this, you can explicitly define which authentication method you are using with this particular host (usually Password or Publickey) by selecting auth method on the Algorithms tab of the SFTP Server Resource. For example, if you were using password, you would move the password authentication method to the right-hand box.
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