Amazon Web Services

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Easily integrate with Amazon CloudTrail, ECS, Lambda, and more

GoAnywhere MFT offers several built-in Cloud Connectors for Amazon web services including Amazon CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, Amazon Lambda, Amazon SNS, and Amazon SQS. These integrations help users connect GoAnywhere’s projects and workflows to AWS out of the box for faster, more secure interactions.

Once you’ve installed the Cloud Connector into your GoAnywhere MFT environment, here are some examples of how to use these secure interactions.

Amazon CloudTrail

Create logging trails for every resource in your AWS account and save logs to an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket with the Amazon CloudTrail Cloud Connector. You can also:

  • Create and Delete Trails
  • Create, List, and Delete Tags
  • Get Trail Status
  • Start and Stop Logging

Amazon CloudWatch

Use the Amazon CloudWatch Cloud Connector to provide insight into your AWS infrastructure with alarms and metrics. Actions for this Cloud Connector include:

  • Create Metric Alarm
  • Delete Alarm
  • Disable and Enable Alarm Actions
  • Get Metric Statistics
  • List Alarm Metrics
  • Publish Metric Data
  • Set Alarm State

Amazon EC2

GoAnywhere’s Amazon EC2 Cloud Connector supports secure interactions between GoAnywhere and Amazon EC2. Use the integration to:

  • Merge instances
  • Create snapshots
  • Attach and detach volumes
  • And more

Amazon ECS

The Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Cloud Connector allows you to manage clusters, create services, run tasks, and more. Available actions include:

  • Create, Delete, Get, and List Clusters
  • Create and Delete Services
  • Run, Stop, and List Tasks
  • Register and Deregister Task Definitions

Amazon Lambda

GoAnywhere's Amazon Lambda Cloud Connector makes it easier to manage functions and automate code for any applications or backend services running in Amazon Lambda. Do all of the following with this Cloud Connector:

  • Simplify the creation of functions
  • Add event source mappings to invoke existing functions
  • Affix metadata to functions with new tags
  • And more

Amazon SNS

This GoAnywhere Cloud Connector allows you to manage topics and publish messages in Amazon SNS. Available actions include:

  • Create, list, and delete topics
  • Set topic attributes
  • Add a message to a topic or phone number
  • And more

The Amazon SQS Cloud Connector helps you manage queues and messages, including all of the following actions:

  • Transfer data in XML, JSON, or plain text form
  • Create, get, list, or delete queues
  • Send, retrieve, or delete messages
  • Create or delete tags
  • And more

For full details on what actions you can take with our Amazon Web Services Cloud Connectors, use the instructions below to visit the Cloud Connector Marketplace.

Cloud Connector Marketplace

Cloud Connector Marketplace

Finding new cloud integrations for your environment is a breeze! With GoAnywhere MFT’s Cloud Connector Marketplace, users have access to many of the industry’s most popular APIs, including Jenkins, JIRA, Trello, Zendesk, and Google Cloud Storage.

Custom connectors can be also designed using GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connector Designer—no coding or programming experience necessary! In addition, new GoAnywhere connectors can be downloaded without needing to update the software.

Already have GoAnywhere installed?
To access the Cloud Connector Marketplace, log into your admin interface in GoAnywhere, then navigate to System > Add-ons and click “Browse Marketplace.”

Integrate Amazon Web Services with GoAnywhere

Simplify your connection with AWS with the help of GoAnywhere Cloud Connectors for increased efficiency. Let us know if you’re interested and we can provide pricing details.