Dropbox Cloud Connector

Transfer your documents to and from Dropbox with ease

GoAnywhere MFT’s Dropbox Cloud Connector gives IT teams an easy way to execute secure file transfers of files and documents between their private server databases, third-party applications, and Dropbox.

If you use Dropbox to exchange important files with other parties, this file transfer cloud integration can help you simplify your processes. Use it to:

  • Transfer and manage files and folders stored on Dropbox
  • Sync the latest versions of shared content (files, images, videos, etc)
  • Improve collaboration with coworkers, employees, business partners, and clients

GoAnywhere’s Dropbox integration also works alongside Advanced Workflows to automate when file transfers should execute between Dropbox and other cloud or on-premises applications.

How It Works

Once you’ve installed the Dropbox Cloud Connector into your GoAnywhere MFT environment, you can complete actions in Dropbox including:

  • Upload Files
  • Download Files
  • Delete Files
  • Make Directories
  • Delete Directories
  • Rename Directories
  • Rename Files
  • Move Files
  • Move Directories

Common Use Cases

Use GoAnywhere’s Dropbox Cloud Connector to achieve processes like these in your organization:

  • Push images or videos to a secure Dropbox folder for client review
  • Retrieve sensitive trading partner documents from shared folders

Cloud Connector Marketplace

GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connector Marketplace gives users access to many of the industry’s most popular APIs, and finding and installing new cloud integrations for your environment is simple. If you want to design your own custom connectors too, you can—no coding or programming experience required!

In addition, connectors can be downloaded from the marketplace without updating the software.

Already have GoAnywhere installed?
To access the Cloud Connector Marketplace, log into your admin interface in GoAnywhere, then navigate to System > Cloud Connectors and click “Add Connector.”

Secure Your File Transfers with a Dropbox Integration

Our Dropbox Cloud Connector secures the movement of data between your environment and the cloud. Get started with GoAnywhere MFT to see how we can protect your data in transit.