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GoAnywhere MFT is a single product that allows organizations to simplify, integrate, and move data anywhere, securely and across all environments and applications. Whether you need to transfer a handful – or thousands – of files a day, GoAnywhere can scale to accommodate your needs.

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We purchased GoAnywhere MFT last summer. It is probably the most valuable application we've purchased in the last several years. It fills a niche for us and it does it quite well. We're still only using a fraction of the functionality, but it has allowed us to eliminate countless homegrown scripts that were on a variety of systems, and it also serves as the glue that keeps our homegrown identity management system functioning.

On top of a great product - your support is excellent! We had one serious functionality problem earlier this year and your support team stuck with us. They managed to get a patch rolled into v2.0 which solved the problem, even though it wasn't technically GoAnywhere's fault - it was a badly behaving FTP server. We'd be happy to share our experience with GoAnywhere MFT and Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] if anyone wants.

Eric Bird | MassArt

I like best the robust feature set and stability. The application has been running on a VM for several months (between updates) without any issues, it rarely complains, but when it does the support team are quick to help you resolve your problem.

Tom S. | IT and Cyber Security Manager

The Goanywhere MFT is super easy and flexible. Able to create and test brand new file transfers in a couple of hours. Transfer un-encrypted and encrypted files over SFTP. Took only minutes to set up program to encrypt files using PGP. Import both internal and external images into our imaging system automatically without manual intervention. Best of all we easily have set up notifications through email to notify the appropriate people when a scheduled project has run and whether it ran successfully or not.

George Moisant III | The Gray Insurance Company


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GoAnywhere MFT leads G2's Winter 2020 grid for MFT solution, including top of the rankings in Easiest to Use and Best Results. Ready to simplify and secure your file transfers? We’re standing by. Anywhere. Anytime.

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