GoAnywhere MFT is a single product that allows organizations to simplify, integrate, and move data anywhere, securely and across all environments and applications. Whether you need to transfer 5 or 5,000 files a day, GoAnywhere can scale to accommodate your needs.

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GoAnywhere MFT Pricing Steps

The stability and ease of use and setup have been lifesavers for us. We have been able to hand off almost all our MFT tasks to our operations group, rather than taking programming resources for those functions. We also have seen a drastic improvement in the number of transmission errors or dropped connections. We have a third-party monitoring company that is constantly hitting our GoAnywhere site (24x7) with all the different file transfer protocols. The weekly report that we get from this company is rarely anything but 100% successful with GoAnywhere. Our previous MFT product was consistently in the 90-95% range. Support has been excellent. Upgrades have been seamless, non-events. The price was significantly lower than almost all the other MFT products we looked at. We couldn't be happier with this product.

Senior VP of Programming | Manufacturing

GoAnywhere MFT is very easy to use and powerful. I'm impressed with what it is able to do with minimal time to create projects.

Debbie De Groff | Scolari's Food & Drug Company

Once we had GoAnywhere MFT in place, it seemed like a different world opened up for us because now we're finding other places where we can use it. For instance, we have also been able to transfer encrypted information to our health insurance provider. Before, we were using software on a PC to do it, and it was pretty cumbersome. Since our data resides on the System i, we were downloading files to the PC, encrypting it, then sending it out. Now, the person can just select an option on the menu and it does it all. For that person, it's saving quite a bit of time and work.

David Yorks | Woolrich