GoAnywhere Director 1.0 Released

GoAnywhere 1.0 Released - Automated Data Movement for the Enterprise

(Ashland, NE) - February 25th, 2008 - Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] is proud to announce the official release of its GoAnywhere product, which is an innovative solution for automating data retrieval, translation, encryption, compression and data distribution for the enterprise.  

Instead of using a mixed collection of products and techniques, GoAnywhere allows organizations to consolidate all of their data transmission and processing needs under one solution with a single point of control and administration.  With GoAnywhere, customers are saving significant time and money by eliminating custom programming and manual steps that were traditionally required.

The open architecture of GoAnywhere allows for deployment onto a variety of platforms, including IBM® System i, Microsoft® Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms.  With GoAnywhere's installation wizard and intuitive screens, customers are typically productive with GoAnywhere in minutes.

GoAnywhere connects to a wide array of servers for exchanging data, including FTP, HTTP, Email and Database servers.  No additional components need to be installed onto any servers which GoAnywhere connects to. This centralized non-evasive solution allows organizations to save significant licensing fees and maintain a single point of control.

By utilizing GoAnywhere's strong encryption technologies, organizations can be confident that their sensitive data transmissions are secured... even when that data is exchanged over the public internet.  Transmissions can be protected using a variety of encryption standards, including SFTP (FTP over SSH), FTPS (FTP over SSL), HTTPS and secure Email.  Open PGP encryption is also included for protecting files with public key cryptology.  The flexibility of GoAnywhere allows organizations to choose which encryption method to use for each specific transmission.

GoAnywhere can exchange data with most database servers, including DB2®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, Sybase®, MySQL and Informix®.  Data can be replicated between database servers, as well as translated to/from other formats, including Excel, XML, delimited text (CSV) and fixed-width text formats.

The data compression methods in GoAnywhere allow organizations to reduce transmission times and minimize network usage.  Both ZIP and GZIP compression standards are supported.

GoAnywhere includes a browser-based user interface for its administrative and monitoring functions.   This AJAX-enabled interface supports popular browsers including Internet Explorer®, FireFox® and Safari®.   Graphical wizards are included in GoAnywhere to allow authorized users to quickly define the server connections and data processes needed to satisfy business requirements.

Data processes in GoAnywhere can executed at any time from almost any platform or language using its supplied commands and APIs.  These processes can also be scheduled to run at future dates and times either through GoAnywhere's built-in scheduler or through the customer's existing scheduling software.  Comprehensive logs are generated for all activity in GoAnywhere.

A free, fully-functional 30 day trial of GoAnywhere is available.