Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] Adds Japanese Firm to Team of Global Partners

Omaha, Neb - July 17, 2012            Download PDF

As Linoma Software continues to expand its global sales initiatives, it has added yet another sales partner to its team.  Linoma president Bob Luebbe is pleased to announce a partnership with SOLPAC, a leading software and consulting firm based in Tokyo, Japan.

"The IBM Power Systems market is going strong in Japan," Luebbe said, "and when this opportunity to work with SOLPAC opened up, we immediately began conversations with their Managing Operating Officer, Hiroshi Watanabe, to see how we could build a mutually beneficial relationship."
Brian Pick, Director of Sales at Linoma, is responsible for managing relationships with business partners. 

"The timing for us was perfect," Pick said.  "Hiroshi happened to be in the U.S. on other business, and we invited him to visit our office and meet our team.  It didn't take long to realize that Linoma and SOLPAC are a great fit."

Linoma Software partners with SOLPACSOLPAC will be marketing Linoma Software's [now HelpSystems] managed file transfer solution, GoAnywhere, to Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.  With more than 260 employees and consultants, SOLPAC is a dominant force in the Asian market.

"According to Hiroshi, the Asian market is desperate for a managed file transfer product like GoAnywhere that offers more comprehensive features at a much lower cost entry point," Pick said. "With more than 200 technicians having expertise across multiple platforms, SOLPAC thought GoAnywhere would be exactly the solution his customers were looking for."

In anticipation of SOLPAC's promotion of GoAnywhere, the Linoma Software development team worked with SOLPAC's team to translate GoAnywhere Director and relevant documentation into Japanese.

Steve Luebbe, Senior Software Engineer, spearheaded the translation efforts for Linoma.

"We had a lot to consider when tackling this project," Steve Luebbe said.  "Thanks to the team effort with SOLPAC, we were able to generate an accurate and user-friendly translation that we incorporated back into GoAnywhere and shipped as a standard feature."

Pick says Linoma continues to look for opportunities to expand its global reach by working with partners in various markets.

"GoAnywhere is the type of product that customers consider as mission critical to the automation and security of their file transfers," Pick said, "and it's best if they can reach out to someone in their geographic area who speaks their language and understands their business environment who can provide assistance."

Bob Luebbe agrees.

"We have worked very hard to build strong global partnerships," he said.  "Our partners make a significant impact on our company's growth, and we're grateful for the relationships we continue to build and strengthen with them."