Encrypt Files

Encrypt a file or folder quickly using any of the Open PGP keys in your key store. Files and folders must be encrypted with the public key of the person to whom it is sent. The duration of the Open PGP encryption depends on the number of selected files. While the files are being encrypted, a status bar displays the task progress. When complete, a dialog box shows a results summary.

On the OpenPGP Tasks tab, navigate to the file or folder you would like to encrypt. Then on the toolbar, click the Encrypt icon.

GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio Tasks

Encrypt Files

All the available Open PGP options for encrypting files are conveniently located on the Encrypt Files prompt.

GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio Encrypt Files

Select Recipient(s)

From the Select Recipient(s) list, select the public keys with which to encrypt the files. A key will not be shown on this screen if its expiration date has passed. If you do not see the key listed, you may need your trading partner to supply it.

Output as Text (ASCII Armored)

Select this option if you would like to have all the encrypted files in ASCII format. The original PGP format is binary, which is not considered easily readable by some common messaging formats. ASCII armor involves encasing encrypted messaging in ASCII so that they can be sent in a standard messaging format such as email.

Output Directory

The location where the encrypted files are saved.

Same As Original Files
Select this radio button if you would like to save the encrypted files in the same directory as the original files.

Select this radio button if you would like to save the encrypted files to a different directory. If selected, a file dialog automatically opens, allowing you to select the output directory.

Output File Names

These options allow you to customize the names of encrypted files.

Prefix to add to each encrypted file name.

Suffix to add to each signed file. The extension default is set based upon whether the Output As Text (ASCII Armored) option is selected.

Delete Original Files

Whether or not to delete the original files after they are successfully encrypted. The files will not be deleted if the encryption process fails for any reason.

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