Linux and Unix

Installing GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio in a Linux or Unix-based operating system can be performed from a terminal or a desktop. Follow the steps below to start using this Open PGP tool in minutes! Click the thumbnail on any step to expand the GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio screenshots. If using a desktop like Gnome or KDE, the installer opens after launching it in the terminal. If using a terminal installation, the prompts are the same as the desktop installation.

  1. Open a terminal screen with a user profile that can install applications, navigate to the downloaded installer, make it executable, and then start the installation.
         chmod 755
  2. In the Welcome screen, click Next. Linux/Unix Installation Welcome - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  3. In the License Agreement screen, read and accept the License Agreement, and then click Next. Linux/Unix Installation License Agreement - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  4. In the Select Destination screen, accept the default installation directory or click the Browse button to select another location. When complete, click Next. Linux/Unix Installation Select Destination - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  5. In the Symlinks screen, select the appropriate options, and then click Next. Linux/Unix Installation Start Menu - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  6. The GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio installation wizard installs the application on your computer. Linux/Unix Installation - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio
  7. In the Completing Installation screen, select how often GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio will update, and then click Finish. Linux/Unix Installation Completing Installation - GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio

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