Take Control of File Transfer Processes

GoAnywhere MFT is a managed file transfer solution that automates and secures the exchange of data, while the secure FTP server allows customers, trading partners, vendors and employees to connect to your system and exchange files.
Managed File Transfer
Centralized control, security and auditing of all file transfers.
Connect Everything
SFTP, SCP, FTP/s, HTTP/s, AS2, MQ and email integration.
Encrypt and Decrypt Files
Open PGP, GPG and AES encryption with FIPS 140-2.
Simplify Ad-Hoc Transfers
Browser-based file transfers for employees and partners.
Encrypt Email Attachments
Outlook plug-in and web client for sending sensitive files.
Audit Partner Activity
Detailed logs, SYSLOG feeds, alerts and reports.
Mission Critical File Transfers
Meeting Regulatory and Compliance Requirements
Email or Cloud Sharing Alternative for Small Businesses Sending File Attachments

SFTP vs FTPS: What's Best for Secure FTP

SFTP vs FTPS InfographicWe are often asked about the key differences between SFTP and FTPS. There are potential pros and cons with each method, which is why businesses should weigh the differences carefully to determine what option would serve them best.

The infographic to the right highlights the positives and negatives of using SFTP vs FTPS. You can also view the original blog post for a more detailed comparison.