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Integra Bank

Industry: Banking

A Tall Order

Integra Bank (NASDAQ – IBNK) needed to secure systems with role-based data access. They accomplished this with GoAnywhere Director from Linoma Software [now HelpSystems]. Additionally they were able to automate and secure file transfers, consolidate processing applications and provide SOX and other compliance audit reports.

Because of its reliability and security qualities, Integra Bank has used the versatile IBM i platform for over 20 years. Clearly, applications running on their systems need to match those qualities. Finding software to meet their specific security requirements was often difficult and over the years different platforms and hardware were added to perform “one-off” tasks. This excess hardware and software was becoming a significant expense to manage and operate.

Searching for a Solution

A team was assembled to tackle the data security concerns, regulatory compliance issues, and the growing scope of IT resources. Integra Bank needed a robust, automated and secure file transfer solution that could run on the IBM i, but communicate with Windows systems. In the interest of security, the bank also wanted to reduce the number of users that had direct access to the database.

“GoAnywhere Director is easy to use and full of rich features.”

Kevin Aker
Senior System i Administrator
Integra Bank

As Integra Bank’s team started evaluating the functionality of the GoAnywhere Director application, it became apparent the application would satisfy their requirements and provide the ability to perform additional tasks in the future. GoAnywhere Director is administrated through a role-based browser interface and that would make the application easier for the IT staff to use and learn.

Migrating to GoAnywhere

The implementation process started with moving PC based FTP transfers to GoAnywhere and thereby eliminating the need for old hardware and applications. This change alone reduced the scope of compliance. It also saved time and resources by automating a previously manual process. Integra Bank has been able to automate all their nightly processing and eliminate the need for an early morning operator to manually FTP files to customers.

“We started using the e-mail alert function soon after implementing GoAnywhere to monitor job errors,” says Kevin Aker, Senior System i Administrator at Integra Bank. “In a scheduled job environment on the IBM i, if something stops, it can take a long time reading cryptic logs to find the error. Now, the on-call staff receives a message sent directly to their Blackberries - including the exact error message from the Job Log! This greatly reduces the time required to provide a resolution. If the situation requires further support for GoAnywhere, Linoma’s staff is among the best we’ve dealt with.”

“GoAnywhere Director is easy to use and full of rich features,” continues Kevin. “We have since migrated many file transfers that used IBM i (CL) scripts to GoAnywhere. The value in effectively centralizing processes that originally ran on different platforms and systems is invaluable. We recently began exchanging Check 21 x.937 image files with Clearing Partners, using GoAnywhere.”

Integra Bank’s initial goals were met by implementing Linoma Software’s [now HelpSystems] GoAnywhere Director. They reduced their compliance scope, limited file access, added additional security to file transfers and automated manual tasks. Further savings through hardware reduction, retiring outdated or unsecure software, and reducing the need for custom programming, are an ongoing benefit since purchasing GoAnywhere Director.

About Integra Bank

Integra Bank is nationally chartered retail/commercial bank, headquartered in Evansville, IN. Integra Bank is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol IBNK. As of December 31, 2009, Integra Bank has $2.9 billion in total assets, operates 69 banking centers and 116 ATMs at locations in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio.