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Fast Growth Requires Scalable Managed File Transfer Solution

Industry:  Veterinary Medicine

Although a good problem to have, business growth at Professional Veterinary Products (PVP) presented new challenges, especially in a dynamic supply-chain environment that requires secure and fast data exchange with thousands of suppliers and clients. New requests for different data formats and ad-hoc reports were dramatically increasing from their trading partners, requiring PVP to either hire more development resources or find a commercial off-the-shelf solution.

Many of the data requests were not typical for their current JD Edwards World application, so PVP needed to do something quickly. They needed a managed file transfer (MFT) solution that would meet their immediate needs and have the Enterprise capabilities to keep up with their growth. PVP had already been using Surveyor/400, the powerful database tool from Linoma Software for many years and was very happy with their service. When they learned about Linoma's managed file transfer solution, it seemed like the perfect fit. GoAnywhere Director was designed to streamline and secure data transfers using a single point of control and administration. It included the parsing functions they needed including XML support.

New File Formats

The initial challenge was to transmit and receive orders in the new XML format among a number of suppliers and Web sites. XML was one of the new requirements based on its flexibility to capture data from Web sites and send it to processing systems. However, PVP's current system could not read the tagged XML files. The only way to process the business critical data was through a text editor; manually extracting the data and placing it in the database. It was a very time-consuming and costly situation - automation and data translation was the only solution.

Linoma Software helped PVP to configure the XML data feeds. GoAnywhere Director's browser-based interface made easy work of configuring the XML Tasks to parse the relevant fields. Further Tasks arranged the data and inserted it in to the proper database locations. GoAnywhere Director also automated other data transmissions and translations to the file formats requested by their trading partners.

"Since the initial installation," Kurt Frickel, Manager of Midrange Systems says, "We continue to impress our customers with how fast we can deliver data requests. It's a flexible and easy-to-use product that can grow with our needs." With GoAnywhere Director, the data on the IBM i system is quickly accessed, compiled and transmitted in the file formats required by PVP's business partners; eliminating the need for additional systems or applications.

Compliance and Data Security

When performing thousands of e-commerce transactions a day, compliance and data security is critical. The adaptability of GoAnywhere Director and its ability to secure transmissions using many different protocols has provided many benefits for PVP. GoAnywhere Director's role based security, auditing and encryption options have kept PVP in compliance with their Business Partners.

Financial transactions with banks and customers are no longer a security concern with GoAnywhere Director. PVP can compress and encrypt a file, then securely transfer it to a bank, customer, or bill printing service as part of an automated process. Accounting transactions originally ran nightly or weekly, but GoAnywhere Director can run them real-time based on set criteria or as part of a scheduled process. The ability to process bills faster and automate their delivery also means accounts are settled faster. When working with large suppliers and vendors - time is money.

Goals Accomplished

PVP accomplished their goals with GoAnywhere Director. They were able to exchange data with B2B and B2C partners, not hire additional staff; and complete everything quickly. "There are many things we do now that would have taken considerable time and resources before," adds Kurt.

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