GoAnywhere MFT Financial Benefits Study

Download GoAnywhere MFT Financial Benefits Study

Many organizations don't have a secure and efficient way to handle data transfers - but is the investment worth the payoff when it comes to managed file software? A study conducted by research firm Goode Intelligence set out to find the answer.

This Financial Benefit Study from Goode Intelligence looks at the financial and non-financial benefits of using GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer. Based on interviews with customers using GoAnywhere MFT, Goode Intelligence calculated the typical cost savings of moving to the product, including savings from creating and managing file transfer processes, savings on help desk tasks, and more. Download the report to get:

  • The exact ROI a typical organization achieves with GoAnywhere
  • A detailed case study from a GoAnywhere customer
  • Information on non-financial benefits like increased security and compliance
  • Competitor analysis of other file transfer products