Version 6.8.0 - Beta

New Features

  • Added support for mappings to previously hidden elements in the Write EDI X12 and Write EDIFACT tasks.
    • Default values are now displayed in the Write EDI X12 and Write EDIFACT task Data Mapper.
  • Added the ability to authenticate against Admin User REST and SOAP endpoints with API Keys.
  • Added support for forward proxies to PeSIT client.


  • Updated the Web User View Page to display PeSIT configurations.
  • Added 'PeSIT' to the list of services on the Admin User list page.
  • Updated the Requester Password field for PeSIT to no longer be required.
  • Added functionality that allows Admin Users authenticated using SAML or a Certificate to execute jobs.
  • Enabled the Azure Blob Storage URL to be customized by adding an Endpoint Suffix.
  • Enhanced the PeSIT File Templates page with filtering, filter management, sorting, column selection and pagination with navigation rules.
  • Improved the efficiency of Network Shares that use the SMB (all versions) Client Type.
  • Added change detection to System Alerts page.
  • Enhanced Add-on Details by adding an Add-on UUID.
  • Added support for un-authenticated AS4 push pmodes.
  • Configured AS4 to accept encrypted keys using RSA15 key transport style.
  • Enhanced request processing for Gateway Client to improve efficiency.
  • Added caching of Key Vaults to improve performance.
  • Improved efficiency when sending messages to Agents.


  • Updated Apache HTTPClient from version 4.5.3 to 4.5.13.
  • Updated Jackson Databind library from version 2.10.1 to
  • Updated Tomcat from version 7.0.105 to 9.0.41.
  • Updated JNQ from version 1.2.6 to 1.3.6.


  • Fixed a bug where the Message Reference Number in the Write EDIFACT task was the same as the segment count.
  • Fixed missing Receiver ID Qualifier field in the Write EDIFACT task.
  • Fixed an issue where Agent monitors could get stuck if there were communication issues with the server. This requires Agent version 1.6.0 or later.
  • Removed unnecessary field 'RefToMessageId' from AS4 user messages in response to pull requests.
  • Fixed an issue where AS4 push pmodes would not send asynchronous receipts for messages using certificate authentication.
  • Fixed an issue with supporting AS4 authentication formats from other AS4 platforms.
  • Fixed an issue with support for AS4 SOAP Body xml payloads from other AS4 platforms.
  • Fixed an issue where the mpc attribute was not included in the AS4 user message in response to a pull request.
  • Fixed an AS4 receipt validation error that required unnecessary fields in NRR information.
  • Fixed incorrect AS4 error message formatting.
  • Fixed an issue where empty type attributes in AS4 receipts were being inserted as empty strings instead of being left out of the message.
  • Fixed issue where AS4 message XML did not contain proper namespace or mustUnderstand attribute.
  • Fixed issue where AS4 asynchronous receipts sent before the original message was replied to.
  • Added 'User-Agent' to request header to prevent potential issues when using the 'News and Tips' gadget and 'Check for Updates' feature.
  • Fixed attribute validation in the PeSIT task to avoid an error caused by missing required attributes.
  • Fixed an issue when running projects with a Network Share (version all) defined to use logged in credentials would fail when user had valid credentials.
  • Fixed an issue where shared virtual folders with the ${homeDirectory} variable could not be viewed by the receiving Web User.
  • Fixed an issue where transferred data could end up corrupted if Max Data Block Length was not set to twice the size of the Record Length on the PeSIT Server Resource.