Version 5.3.0

Starting with version 5.3.0, GoAnywhere MFT requires a minimum JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version of 1.7. If you are running on a Java version prior to 1.7, you must upgrade your JRE before upgrading GoAnywhere MFT to version 5.3.0.

Secure Forms

The new Secure Forms module allows end-users to fill out custom forms and optionally upload files through a secure HTTPS web portal in GoAnywhere MFT. The Secure Forms can then call Project workflows in GoAnywhere MFT to automatically process the submitted data and files.

GoAnywhere MFT administrators can define one or more Secure Forms with configurable input and output fields, custom labels, and file components to control the data which end-users provide when submitting a form.

For instance, a Secure Form could be used to collect electronic voting ballots, in which the user would be prompted for input parameters such as the county in which they live. The user could then upload their electronic ballot and submit the Secure Form. A Project workflow could automatically be executed to distribute this electronic ballot to the appropriate county election official (based on the county selected by the end-user on the Secure Form).

The Secure Form module includes:

  • Granular access controls with support for authenticated and public sessions.
  • Ability to embed forms into existing external web applications.
  • Friendly URL access to forms.
  • URL redirection on submit.
  • Fully customizable input components and layout.
  • Support for file uploads.
  • Ability to dynamically generate and provide output files for download.

Please note that Secure Forms is an optional licensed module. Contact your account manager for pricing and additional details.

New Tasks and Workflow Features

  • Added a GoDrive Upload Task which allows a Project workflow to push files out to Web Users' GoDrive folders. This includes the ability to set an expiration date on distributed GoDrive files.
  • Added a new Checksum Task which allows calculating MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 checksums on files.
  • Added a 'Where Used' feature to Admin Users which provides the ability to find all Schedules, Monitors and Triggers that are configured with a specific Admin User's account.
  • Added the ability to mass update passwords for Schedules, Triggers, Monitors and Secure Forms.
  • Added the ability to import a single Resource from XML or multiple Resources from a ZIP file.
  • Added the ability to export multiple Resources into a ZIP file.
  • Added the ability to sort FileSets by name, last modified date, or size, in ascending or descending order.
  • Added the ability to create a new Project when restoring from a previous revision.

Other Changes:

  • Enhanced the multi-file download capabilities in GoDrive and Secure Folders to retain the folder structure for empty directories.
  • Added the ability to support an unlimited number of GoDrive file revisions.
  • Added the ability to granularly control the log level of GoDrive device synchronization.
  • Added the ability for GoDrive users to remove their own access of files and folders that have been shared with other GoDrive users.
  • Updated the GoFast server configuration to support multiple GoFast Listeners.
  • Enhanced the Syslog capabilities to support Structured Data, including the ability to specify what audit information gets sent to the Syslog server.
  • Added password policy settings for Admin Users and checks to the Security Audit report to ensure the policy is enforced for PCI DSS requirements.
  • Enhanced the RADIUS (RSA SecurID) login method to support failover host configuration.
  • Enhanced documentation to use the latest HTML 5 standard and updated the Web Client help to be 508 compliant.
  • Enhanced the Functions documentation to include advanced examples and decision making.
  • Upgraded Log4j to version 2.5 which allows changes to the Log Directory and Global Log Level to take effect without requiring a restart.
  • Added a process to clean up the Tomcat temp directory on startup and shutdown of GoAnywhere.
  • Added a scroll bar to the context menu on the Project Designer to support cases where the menu stretches off the screen while using lower resolutions.
  • Upgraded MyFaces from 2.2.2 to 2.2.9. This upgrade protects the oam.Flash.RENDERMAP.TOKEN cookie with the HTTPOnly flag.
  • Updated the Move Task to log a warning message to the Job Log when the target file cannot be deleted during a file overwrite.
  • Added the ability to configure the Users and Groups that belong to a Domain from the Domain configuration page.
  • Added text to the Project Designer to show the domain that the Project belongs to when working in a multi-domain environment.
  • Updated the size of the Destination Folder field on the Copy Project page.
  • Updated the SQL Server driver label to indicate its compatibility with all later SQL Server versions.
  • Updated Monitors and Triggers to store the Project location and credentials on the database record rather than in the XML action definition.
  • Updated the list of Service logs on the Audit Log page to be sorted alphabetically.
  • Updated links for the News Feed gadget and the footer to target instead of
  • Updated the Copy Task to persist the original cause exception when a failure occurs while copying the data for a file.
  • Updated the GoFast upload and download job logs to include the encryption and compression algorithms used when the Log Level is set to verbose or debug.
  • Added sorting to the GACMD command list.
  • Added the ability to specify the client certificate key alias when using certificate authentication from the GoFast Task and Resource.
  • Removed unnecessary project components from the context menu while working in the Project Designer.
  • Added a Label field to the Import Project source component in the Project Designer.
  • Removed the max length validation on the Destination Folder field of the Copy and Move project screens.
  • Reorganized the Project Component library.
  • Added change detection and change history to the Admin Users, Groups, and Roles pages.
  • Added the ability to enable and disable access to the Execute Native Command task and trigger action per domain.
  • Added the Secure Mail package ID to the HTTPS Audit Log view page.
  • Updated the PGP key generator to allow creating DH/DSS keys larger than 1024 bits.
  • Fixed an issue where the GoDrive audit log index processor was running more frequently than necessary.
  • Fixed a navigation issue with Secure Folders when loading a directory with a large number of files.
  • Fixed an issue in the AS2 task where the Receipt-Delivery-Option header was still being sent when the Request Receipt option was set to 'none'.
  • Fixed an issue with bandwidth throttling for GoFast where the receiver was not able to control the rate it was receiving data.
  • Fixed an issue with the MySQL DDL where created on and last modified on fields of some tables were defined as 'timestamp' data types instead of a 'datetime' data types.
  • Fixed an issue with the query used to disable users during the LDAP Managed login method synchronization.
  • Fixed a potential scheduling conflict with the expired WebDocs monitor where the monitor could run twice a day in rare situations.
  • Fixed a permission issue where Web Users were able to copy and send files from a Secure Folders directory without having download (read) permission on that directory.
  • Fixed the alignment of the File/Folder label on the Share Item page in GoDrive.
  • Fixed an issue where Project level variables were no longer showing in the Expression Wizard dialog in all cases.
  • Fixed a navigation issue with Projects from the Scheduled Job History page.
  • Fixed an issue where the Domain selection popup could render when only one active Domain is configured.
  • Fixed an issue with the GoDrive folder tree where more than one node could appear select in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Workflows menu item was available when no domains were configured on a user with Security Officer role.
  • Fixed a leak with the GoFast memory manager that was incorrectly counting memory allocations in rare situations.
  • Fixed an issue where GoFast checksum calculations were registering on the Active Transfers page.
  • Fixed an issue with the Notification Time settings for GoDrive email notifications where the first notification time could not be later than the second notification time.
  • Fixed an invalid message in the Copy task that referred to 'moving' a file.
  • Fixed an issue with the Job File audit logs where queries could start failing when the sequence ID is greater than the maximum integer size.
  • Fixed an issue where start times for Job File audit logs where not being set properly.
  • Fixed a miscalculation with packet loss when downloading small files using GoFast.