Version 5.5.8

  • Enhanced the ICAP Task to allow customization of the Content-Type header.
  • Enhanced the FTP and FTPS Resource and Tasks to allow sending an Account value if required by the server.
  • Enhanced the Write Fixed Width task to allow configuring whether padding is calculated on the number of characters written to a column, or the number of bytes written to a column.
  • Updated the MVS list parser for FTP and FTPS resources to properly handle large files where the Used value of the raw listing would overflow into the space separating the Ext and Used fields.
  • Updated the auto-rename process when handling incoming AS2 messages to safely handle concurrent uploads of the same file name.
  • Fixed an issue that was introduced in 5.5.0 where the Tomcat Web Server was scrubbing 'weaker' ciphers by default. This fix forces use of the JVM enabled ciphers, unless explicitly overridden by an administrator in the configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing the Project Change History could fail if proper file system access is not available.
  • Fixed the Twilio SMS implementation to use UTF-8 encoding for sending messages.