Version 6.1.0 (Beta)

EDI X12 Data Translation

  • Added a Read EDI X12 Task to read X12 files into RowSet variables, which can then be used in subsequent tasks to insert the data into a database or converted to other file formats.
  • Created a Write EDI X12 Task that reads data from RowSets and writes it to an EDI X12 formatted file.
  • Added a new data mapping wizard that allows you to visually map your data between RowSets and files.
  • Enhanced the Marketplace to include EDI X12 Transaction Sets.
  • Enhanced the Cloud Connector Manager to become the Add-on Manager to support both Cloud Connectors and EDI X12 Transaction Sets.
  • Added over 6,000 X12 Transaction Set definitions to the online marketplace. Simply download the definition and use it in a Project to translate X12 files.

Granular Admin Permissions

  • Added the ability to create custom Admin User Roles to allow administrators to control permissions on a per page level, granting an Admin User access or deny rights to create, view, update, promote, delete, or make other actions.
  • Resource and Workflow Permissions were enhanced to provide granular permissions to actions that can be taken on those items.
  • Modified all security checks in the Admin Client interface and in GoAnywhere Command to utilize the new granular permission scheme.
  • Updated the existing Admin User Roles with the following permissions and considerations:
    • Product Administrators can no longer hold, release, or clear job queues. This is a permission of the Job Manager role exclusively.
    • Product Administrators can now access the System Key Vault and run the Product Usage Report.
    • Key Managers have access to manage user defined Key Vaults.
    • Master Encryption Keys are now available to both Product Administrator and the Security Officer.
    • Web User Manager can now view service logs and send MDN receipts for AS2 logs.
    • Security Officers can run the Security Audit Report.

GoAnywhere One-Time Passwords

  • Added a new multi-factor authentication option that utilizes SMS text messages and email to deliver One-Time Passwords to authenticating users. These settings can be enabled in the Login Settings page.
  • Added options to Web Users and Admin Users to set their two-factor authentication option to the new GoAnywhere One-Time Password.
  • Added additional fields on Admin Users to configure their Office Phone and Mobile Phone numbers.

Service Level Agreements

  • Added the ability to specify Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Monitors, Triggers and Projects. If they do not execute as expected, the SLA will not be met and alerts can be sent, or Projects can be executed to perform additional actions.
  • Created a new Admin User Role for SLA Manager.
  • Added a new Service Level Agreement log page to view SLA statuses on whether they were met or not met.
  • Created new Service Level Agreement dashboard gadget and report to show SLA statistics over time.
  • Added additional Global Settings to control the SLA runtime threads.

Page Filters

  • Added the ability to save and manage search filters for audit logs and other list pages.
  • Added a new simple date range selector to the filter framework on search pages.

Web Service APIs

  • Added a new device-based OAuth authentication process for Web User Devices. This authentication option launches a browser for the user to complete the device registration allowing support for SSO and MFA.
  • Added RESTful web service endpoints for Secure Folders functionality in the Web Client.
  • Added RESTful web service endpoints for Secure Mail features in the Web Client.
  • Added the ability to add or remove Web Users from Web User Groups using GoAnywhere Command.
  • Added actions for importing, promoting, exporting and deleting Admin Users using GoAnywhere Command.

Accessibility and 508 Compliance

  • Improved keyboard accessibility of the Web Client left navigation.
  • Improved contrast ratio of text that displays on page headers in the Web Client.
  • Added relevant page titles to each page in the Web Client.
  • Improved keyboard accessibility of the Account menu in the Web Client.
  • Improved keyboard accessibility of the More Actions menu on table rows in the Admin and Web Client interfaces.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden items in the Web Client footer can receive keyboard focus when they should not be accessible.

Tasks and Resources

  • Added a new PeSIT file transfer Resource and Task.
  • Created a new data mapping graphical interface for the Read XML task in the Project Designer.
  • Created a new data mapping graphical interface for the Write XML task in the Project Designer.
  • Added support for AWS IAM role-based authentication to S3 Buckets when running GoAnywhere on an EC2 instance.
  • Added support for AWS Security Token Service authentication to S3 Buckets where the account with the GoAnywhere MFT EC2 instance is in a different account than the bucket.
  • Updated newly created SSH Resources to have password and public key authentication options selected by default.
  • Updated newly created FTP and FTPS Resources to use passive data connections by default.
  • Fixed an issue where the Encrypt PGP task would not use the correct key location after the Domain was switched to allow file-based keys.


  • Added a new type of licensing option to accommodate scripted deployments, auto-scaling, built-in DR, and other situations where the physical servers are ephemeral and could change often. This is especially useful for AWS, Azure, and other cloud-based deployments.
  • Added the ability to programmatically license an instance of GoAnywhere MFT using an online activator from the GoAnywhere Customer Portal.


  • Added an option to configure the max threads for the Monitor runtime on Agents.
  • Added an option to configure the max threads for the Project runtime on Agents.


  • Added the ability to populate Secure Form dropdown fields with data stored in a database.
  • Added a new tamper-evident logging feature to indicate if audit log records have been modified.
  • Added new settings to Web Users and Web User Templates to override the AS2 decryption certificate and MDN signature certificate on a per user basis. By default, the certificates specified on the AS2 server settings are used.
  • Enhanced the PCI Security Settings audit report to check for multi-factor authentication configuration.
  • Modernized action icons across the Web Client and Admin interfaces.
  • Updated the Web User Device Settings page to clarify that offline password verification settings apply to devices that support only GoDrive capabilities.
  • Adjusted the layout of the Get License and Create Admin User Account pages.
  • Disabled auto-complete on the initial account setup page.
  • Removed an unnecessary uninstall license page from the Admin Client.
  • Upgraded the Jackson Databind, Core, and Annotations libraries from version 2.9.7 to 2.9.8.
  • Updated the Java Requirement in the PCI DSS Security Audit Report from 1.7 to 1.8.
  • Upgraded the Jasper Reports Library from version 6.7.0 to 6.7.1.
  • Upgraded the Netty library from version 3.10.4 to 4.1.33.
  • Updated the Web Client dashboard icons.
  • Updated the order of the options available in the Web Client preferences dropdown menu.
  • Updated the error message to be more specific when sharing a file to an unregistered user within the Web Client.
  • Removed an unused API endpoint for uploading files to Secure Folders.
  • Fixed an issue where some sub elements on tasks were not correctly displaying when added before or after in the Project Designer.
  • Fixed issue with the Component Library in the Project Designer where previous search terms were failing to clear on a new search.
  • Fixed a misspelled certificate label on the Add Web User page.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a nonexistent user in the Administration audit log generated a missing bundle message error.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a certificate with an expiration greater than 9999 to a file based or KMS key store caused an unhandled exception.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Update Profile' menu was available for the anonymous user in the Web Client.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a virtual folder using an SFTP Resource would cause an error in the Web Client navigation panel if logged in to both interfaces at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where drag-and-drop was failing in the Web Client for file names containing a comma.
  • Fixed a case-sensitivity issue in the Web Client where folders with the same name but with different case would fail to be shared.
  • Fixed an issue in the Web Client where removing shared status from a folder was not reflected in the side navigation pane.
  • Fixed an issue in the Web Client where sharing a home directory would fail in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the Secure Form Designer was displaying a method not found exception in the system log in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue with the Secure Form Designer where the drag and drop feature causes visual glitching in some browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where the active transfer progress bar in Secure Mail falsely shows complete in some cases which allows the message to be sent with a partial file.
  • Fixed an issue where Secure Mail messages sent from a saved draft were not properly using the default password configured in the web user preferences.