Version 6.3.2


  • Improved the validation logic for AS4 tasks.
  • Added new message properties RowSet to the AS4 Pull Task Output Variable.
  • Added the ability to specify a new certificate for the Agent server.
  • Made several user interface enhancements to the EDI Definition Mapper.
  • Enhanced the Web User Device authentication process to allow the previous step to be retried if there was a failure.
  • Enhanced the Web User Device registration to allow for the Authorization Code to be displayed to the screen when on MacOS because Safari won't automatically redirect back to the client.
  • Newly registered agents now receive a version 3 certificate with the client authentication extended key extension.


  • Added missing AS4 fields to the View Web User and View Web User Template pages.
  • Updated reports and gadgets to properly account for AS4.
  • Updated HTTPS service licensing checks to include AS4 feature.
  • Updated the AS4 Resource to correctly override display of passwords when being imported.
  • Updated the AS3 and AS4 tasks to be in a sub-category in the Project Designer Component Library.
  • AS4 Push Processing Modes can now properly send synchronous and asynchronous receipts, or no receipt at all.
  • Updated the Web Client interface so certificate authentication will be used even when SAML is configured.
  • Added versioning to some JS and CSS files that were updated.


  • Fixed a bug where signing an AS4 message without specifying a key resulted in a null pointer exception.
  • Fixed an issue where an AS4 preferences object could not parse correctly, causing the user preferences to be reset.
  • Added a missing property for AS4 error messages.
  • Fixed a typo in the AS4 task error message for bad HTTP status code.
  • Fixed an issue where too much information was included in an AS4 message.
  • Removed an unnecessary validation check for decryption key name in the AS3 Process Message task.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when attempting to fetch an expired CRL using HTTPS.
  • Fixed AS3 Create MDN task to only add 'Received-Content-MIC' header when signing the MDN.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing AS3 Partners on the Resource List page would not indicate the Resource type in the heading.
  • Fixed an issue where the AS2 Service could fail to sign an MDN receipt if using a file-based key.
  • Fixed an issue where AS2 certificate authentication could fail if using a file-based key.
  • Fixed an issue where new lines could not be entered in Secure Mail messages. This bug was introduced in 6.2.0.
  • Fixed an issue where the Create JWT task did not work with new SSH keys. This bug was introduced in 6.3.0.
  • Fixed issue where the Cloud Connector designer would not load. This bug was introduced in 6.3.1.
  • Fixed an issue where a user would get a blank screen when trying to do an IDP initiated login with SAML disabled.
  • Added a null check for Single Sign On settings when using SAML to login to the Admin and Web Clients.
  • Cleaned up CRL setting functionality on the Security Settings page.
  • Fixed an issue where Azure Resources rejected hostname verification in BouncyCastle FIPS mode.
  • Fixed issue where default message channels were not being created for new domains and message channels were not being deleted for deleted domains.
  • Fixed bug where Windows upgrader fails if there is a space in installation directory name.