Video: Managed File Transfer


Watch how GoAnywhere Director allows you
to simplify and automate file transfers from a single dashboard,
supporting virtually any platform or standard protocol.


You need to know that your organization’s critical file transfers will be executed on-time and without errors, each and every time. You also need to be confident that any sensitive data will be well protected as it is transferred over your networks and the internet.

Look no further. Reliability and security are the hallmarks in GoAnywhere Director, a managed file transfer solution from Linoma Software [now HelpSystems]. GoAnywhere Director will effectively automate and manage your file transfers while securing their valuable data contents.

GoAnywhere Director has the flexibility to connect to almost any server or data source using a wide variety of standard and secure protocols. It can be used to easily exchange data with your customers, vendors, banks and other external trading partners, as well as your internal servers.

GoAnywhere Director secures your FTP transfers with support for the popular SFTP, FTPS and SCP standards.  It includes advanced features like automatic connection retries and file auto-resume to help guarantee delivery of your critical transfers.  Strong authentication techniques are supported with built-in tools to manage your keys and certificates.

GoAnywhere Director can also protect data at the file level using the Open PGP and GPG standards, which can be used to encrypt, sign and decrypt files.

GoAnywhere Director can translate data to and from popular data formats including Excel, XML, delimited text and fixed-width formats.  It supports multi-step data workflows, including the capability to connect directly to your database systems to extract and insert data.

All administration and monitoring for GoAnywhere Director can be performed remotely through its intuitive browser interface. You can expect to be productive within minutes since there is no need for special skills or programming.

Do you need to run transfers on a regular basis?  Go Anywhere Director provides a built-in scheduler that can execute transfers at certain dates, times and frequencies. Commands and APIs are available for launching transfers right from your own applications. GoAnywhere Director can also scan targeted folders and automatically run workflows when new or changed files are found.

You can immediately be sent email alerts or text messages when any problems occur with your transfers. And finally, GoAnywhere Director provides you with comprehensive audit trails of all file transfer activity for compliance requirements.

Make your file transfer process clean, efficient, and most importantly, safe…with GoAnywhere Director.