Version 5.5.0


GoAnywhere Agents provide real-time remote workflow and file transfer capabilities that are controlled from a central GoAnywhere MFT server. Agents can be deployed to virtually any operating system including Windows, Linux, IBM i and other platforms. Agents can run on systems inside an organization’s network to move files throughout the data center. Additionally, you can deploy Agents to remote sites like branch offices, cloud environments like Amazon AWS, Azure, and other remote locations. When an Agent starts up, it will connect to GoAnywhere MFT which will then take over management of that Agent.

Agents can run multi-step workflows on the systems where they are installed. These workflows can copy files, archive files, translate data, add data to a database, execute native commands, or other file system tasks. Workflows on Agents can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis.

Agents can also monitor for new, modified, and deleted files on its file system. When a file is found, Agents can process the file locally or call a Project workflow on GoAnywhere MFT.

GoAnywhere MFT acts as the central point of control to manage all Agents which are connected to it. Admin users in GoAnywhere MFT will configure the work that should be performed on its Agents. Administrators can also view events that occurred, such as file transfers or completed jobs on those Agents.

Agents can be grouped together to simplify setup and configuration. This allows administrators to define tasks that should run on all Agents in a group. For example, an organization that has hundreds of retail stores can easily send out new files to each store in the group. Or, a group of Linux servers can be defined to execute the same SSH commands on all Agent systems at once.

Agent Features

Listed below is a summary of features in GoAnywhere Agents:

  • Secures file transfers between Agents and the central GoAnywhere MFT environment.
  • Authenticates Agents connections using X.509 certificates.
  • Monitors for new, modified, and deleted files on Agent systems.
  • Compresses and decompresses files on the Agent systems using Zip, Tar, and Gzip standards.
  • Translates data to/from databases, CSV, Fixed Width, XML, and JSON.
  • Executes native commands on Agents.
  • Controls which folders are accessible on Agents.

Administrator users in GoAnywhere MFT can work with Agents using the following features:

  • Create Agent Templates with registration rules to easily deploy Agents on a large scale.
  • Configure Agents or Agent Groups from the Agent Console on GoAnywhere MFT.
  • Design Project Workflows to be executed on Agents.
  • View completed Jobs, active Jobs, or Queued Jobs on for Agents.
  • Create custom Agent installers from the Software Library.
  • Automatically deploy Agent upgrades directly from GoAnywhere MFT.

Secure Mail

  • Added the ability to Request Files from recipients using Secure Mail. This new option will send a unique link to recipients requiring files to be uploaded and returned to the requester.

Secure Forms

  • Added the ability to submit Secure Forms using RESTful web services.
  • Added the ability to search for submitted Secure Forms by Job Number.


  • Added support for storing GoAnywhere MFT backend tables on the PostgreSQL database system. The "Switch Database" wizard was enhanced to simplify database migration, which will automatically create the tables and migrate existing data to the PostgreSQL database.
  • Added 26 RESTful web service endpoints to retrieve useful information from GoAnywhere. This information is what is generally shown via Dashboard gadgets.
  • Enhanced the basic search on the Job File Audit Log page when using the file name field to be case insensitive and inclusive rather than exact match.
  • Enhanced several auxiliary pages for Monitors and Schedules to save the state of the List pages. When returning from those pages to the list page, all search parameters are remembered and the list is filtered as it was before.
  • Enhanced the basic and advanced search tabs on Monitors and Schedules to have a consistent search operator 'contains' in both cases.
  • Enhanced the File Transfer Summary dashboard gadget to include the Secure Forms module type.
  • Updated FTP upload tasks by adding a success message to the job log per file after it is uploaded.
  • Updated the Help Documentation pages to have a language code to assist with 508 compliance.
  • Updated the Help Documentation for 508 compliance by adding visual indication to all links when focused as well as adding a title to the Search input field.
  • Updated the Admin Log messages to have the same format for changes made to the Admin User and Web User Password Policies.
  • Updated many pages by dropping the word 'Last' for labels that were Last Modified By and Last Modified On.
  • Updated the Modified Date and Size columns in the File Chooser dialog to not wrap values keeping them on a single row.
  • Updated several Audit Log retention periods from a maximum of 999 days to be 9999.
  • Updated the SOAP message generator based on the WSDL definition to render better in Firefox.
  • Removed the admin logging for changes made to the isEncrypted password flag on Resources as that setting is hidden since version 5.4.
  • Upgraded Primefaces from version 5.2.21 to 6.0.10.
  • Upgraded the embedded Apache Tomcat web server from 7.0.56 to 7.0.73.
  • Updated the sales and support email addresses on the Help About page to refer to the new HelpSystems ones.
  • Updated the "Remove All Permissions" button on the Project Permissions page to have a confirmation dialog window to confirm the action.
  • Updated the SAML process to handle failures better and provide a more useful error message.
  • Organized the Services main menu section by creating submenus for GoDrive, Secure Mail, Secure Forms, and Agents.

Other Issues

  • Fixed the quick help documentation for the Response Body field on the REST Get task to indicate the correct default setting which is the job log.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading as Zip in the Web Client would report a successful status for audit log events when users cancel the download. It now will report a failure status.
  • Fixed an issue with the Number of Files Copied output variable of the Copy Task could report an inaccurate number in certain cases if files are skipped during processing.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Project designer where unnecessary XML tags were added to the Project definition for File Set filters.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rename action on the FTP, GoFast, and GoAnywhere HTTPS tasks where the File Chooser for the From location was not set to the correct location type.
  • Fixed an issue with the File Transfer Summary gadget and report could misrepresent statistics when using multiple Domains.
  • Updated the MySQL database driver from version 5.1.17 to 5.1.40. This fixed an issue with the Limit clause in the SQL Wizard.
  • Fixed an issue where AS2 messages sent with content type 'application/XML' were not handling case sensitivity correctly. This issue was introduced in 5.4.0.
  • Fixed a typo on the Security Settings Audit report for the item regarding how FTP should not be allowed for inbound connections unless it is encrypted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Compose page in the Web Client was not showing the valid locale based on the browser settings. This issue was introduced in 5.4.0.
  • Fixed an issue with dropdown components on Secure Forms to properly validate valid options when submitted via SOAP web services.