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What is FileCatalyst Workflow?


FileCatalyst Workflow is a web portal that simplifies and accelerates large file exchanges and boosts productivity by streamlining submission, distribution, and file sharing. 

Use FileCatalyst Workflow to transfer files – even those huge ones – from anywhere, to anywhere easily and quickly via a browser. Full tracking at every stage ensures you’ll always know the status of your file transfers.  

Installing the web browser plug-in takes mere minutes and once you do, you can start transferring huge files, even terabytes of data. 

Plus, your external trading partners can also take advantage of the benefits of Workflow. They can:  

  • Submit huge files to your organization including form data from any web browser. 
  • Use File Areas to store files in your organization’s local storage or private cloud for collaboration.  

Send file upload requests to your external trading partners and clients and start receiving large files today. 


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See FileCatalyst File-Based Workflow in Action

Watch this brief video to see how FileCatalyst Workflow can help simplify file exchanges and boost productivity, by:

  • Allowing users to submit files to your organization for processing, with full tracking at every stage.
  • Using “File Areas” for your organization’s local storage or private cloud to collaborate. Online access is available from anywhere.
  • Sending requests for files to people outside of your network.

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Explore FileCatalyst Workflow Use Cases

Send Large Files to Any Email Address

Forget about dreaded “bounced email” notifications with FileCatalyst Workflow, as the solution overcomes email file size limits by acting as a go-between in the file transfer process. Files, even huge ones, are sent to the FileCatalyst Server using our Emmy® Award-winning file transfer acceleration technology. Your recipients then receive an email with an accelerated download link, no matter the file size. 

send large files

Submit Large Files via Web Portal

FileCatalyst Workflow acts as a web portal where your users can easily upload files. You can create custom form fields to collect any information or metadata needed to process the job. And use these fields to gather information such as  quantities, sizes, special instructions, or  other data points needed to sort, store, or take next steps.  

Once collected, the files and metadata are combined into a “job.” A job may go through any number of phases pertaining to your specific workflow, with each step tracked until the job is completed. 

Online Sharing & Collaboration with a Central Storage Location

FileCatalyst Workflow acts as your organization’s central storage location for one or more “web folders” to keep all your files organized and managed. And for more collaboration flexibility, your users can remotely access shared or personal files from anywhere in the world with remote access via a web browser. 

With FileCatalyst Workflow, organizations can upload and download files or any size and assign sharing privileges to files on an individual or group-level account. Group folders, along with read/write permissions, can be assigned to any number of users. 


Request Files & Access Web Folders Anywhere

The Request Files workflow enables registered users to request files from anyone with an email address.  

When a request is received, the recipient simply clicks a link to be taken   to an upload page. Files are then uploaded to the folder selected by the original requestor. 

Automation with HotFolder


When Workflow is integrated with FileCatalyst Hotfolder, you get automated and scheduled file submissions. HotFolder is a separate, optional application that can be installed on either Windows, Mac, or Linux and can monitor a local folder for any changes to the files.  

Once a new file is detected, Hotfolder automatically creates a new job and submits this file into the FileCatalyst workflow. Tracking of the new jobs is the same as with any other transactions sent via web browser. 

Key Features of FileCatalyst Workflow

Files, even huge ones, are sent to the FileCatalyst Server using our Emmy® Award-winning file transfer acceleration technology. Your recipients then receive an email with an accelerated download link, no matter the file size 

Use FileCatalyst Workflow as your organization’s central web-based storage location where files can be accessed, shared, and configured in file areas through any web browser.

  • Send files of any size at accelerated speeds with FileCatalyst Workflow
  • Avoid mail server rejections when sending large attachments by using Workflow to send files as a download link within an email instead
  • Protect file download links with a password, PIN, or email authentication
  • View comprehensive file delivery report showing timestamps and all recipients who downloaded the files
  • Set download link expiry, and/or disable links, whether they’ve already been downloaded or not
  • Re-send existing download links to additional recipients
  • Set email address filters, limiting which addresses may be used to receive files
  • Integrate address books with auto-complete, and optionally integrate with an LDAP/Active Directory
  • Receive large files from customers via a public web-based upload portal; no login is required for external parties to upload files
  • Create shareable web-based File Areas for easy collaboration on large file sets; track changes to shared folders
  • Send custom file upload requests; requests can be time limited and/or protected by a password
  • Send files from local user disk, or files already uploaded to a File Area
  • Receive large files via web portals
  • Password protect submission portals or set up anonymous drop boxes for both internal and external users

Customize FileCatalyst Workflow to reflect your corporate look and feel with our easy to use templating system.

  • Create customized upload forms with custom fields to accommodate almost any large file transfer workflow
  • Modify look and feel using an advanced templating mechanism
  • Dynamic multi-lingual support
  • Pre-configured forms for submission, collaboration, and distribution workflows
  • Support for both user-based (login required) and public (no account required) submission and distribution
  • Deep customization options for: email templates, application language, and custom headers/footers
  • Support multiple templates for different users, groups, or workflows
  • FFMPEG integration to add low resolution video preview for video files
  • Dynamic field data capturing and automated form field population

With a web browser being the only requirement to use FileCatalyst Workflow, there isn’t a need to install any software for end users.

  • Works with any modern web browser
  • No browser plugin or client application required to transfer files
  • Works with most modern mobile devices
  • No software installation required for basic upload/download operations*
  • Works behind strict firewalls, only HTTP access required*
  • Optional browser plugin with an in-line installer provides file transfer acceleration, offline transfers (web browser can be closed during transfers), ability to transfer hundreds of files with complex directory structures, checkpoint restarting, and MD5 checksum
  • LDAP/Active directory integration

*without acceleration

  • All file transfers default to HTTPS for basic transfers, and AES for accelerated UDP transfers
  • TLS 1.2 compatibility with custom cipher definitions
  • Add optional Reverse Proxy Server for DMZ to secure network connectivity
  • Multiple administrative access levels
  • IP filters allow black/whitelisting of specific IP addresses
  • Group-based permissions
  • 2-factor authentication for downloading email links
  • Multiple user access levels
  • Application is regularly pen-tested and follows secure development standards as per OWASP Top Ten
  • Optional data encryption at rest via FileCatalyst Direct Server
  • Review transaction history and data usage via a concise and easy to use dashboard, or via file transfer reports
  • Deploy on-premises to fully take advantage of your existing infrastructure,
  • Manage users and transactions via a secure and easy-to-use administrative interface, with multiple admin level accounts
  • Full control over storage targets, email notifications, file size limits, and content filtering
  • Logging of changes made by administrators
  • IP Filtering for admin accounts
  • Mass import/export of user accounts and address book entries
  • Detailed and comprehensive admin and end user documentation, with context sensitive help pages

Automate File Transfers

  • Create transfer tasks to automatically execute at set intervals. Files are sent or received based on custom settings, be it every 10 seconds or once a day
  • HotFolder allows you to set your bandwidth usage around a schedule, maximizing your bandwidth when you need it
  • Break jobs into subtasks with filters. Set inclusive or exclusive filters according to type, size or matched string
  • Create synchronization tasks that mirror and replicate large directories over the WAN for offsite disaster recovery backups

Accelerate File Transfers

  • Award Winning UDP-based file transfer acceleration
  • Transfer files hundreds of times faster than with HTTP
  • Guaranteed delivery with checkpoint restart
  • Fine grained control of bandwidth
  • No file size limits
  • Transfer files with the web acceleration plugin (TransferAgent) in the background. Web browser doesn’t need to remain open during transfer.
  • Perform common system management tasks via REST (manage users/groups, and configuration changes)
  • Transfer files using: Java, C++, CLI
  • Connected FileCatalyst Direct Servers can be connected to FileCatalyst Central for real time reporting, monitoring, and remote administration

“Our team has reliably used FileCatalyst Workflow for transferring biomedical research data for over four years now. The tool has contributed greatly to the advancement of science by aiding in the collection and secure transfer of literally thousands of patients records from hospitals as far away as India and Egypt. The unique features of FileCatalyst Workflow allowed us to move data from internet-restrictive countries such as Qatar and China without issue.”

— Founder of a Health Research and Informatics Application

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