Secure Folders

Files Can be Transferred Quickly


Secure Folders provides access to authorized files and folders on the server through the Web Client. With Secure Folders, files can be transferred quickly between the desktop and server over HTTPS. Since files in Secure Folders are stored on a standard file system, they can be directly accessed by backend applications and programs.


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Secure Folders Features

  • Users can quickly transfer files between their computer and the server using their preferred browser.
  • Drag and drop files or folders to initiate transfers.
  • Server folders can be secured with granular permissions (upload, download, etc.) for each user.
  • Users can collaborate with others by sharing authorized files and folders.
  • Event triggers can automatically process files or send email notifications.
  • Generates full audit trails of all file transfers. Users can view their own logs.
  • Supports popular browsers including Microsoft Internet ExplorerFirefoxSafari and Google Chrome.
  • An optional Java Applet is available for transferring large files with auto-resume capability.

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