Docker for FTP and SFTP File Transfers


An implementation of GoAnywhere on Docker allows you to streamline your organization by giving IT the ability to deploy workflow automation and secure file transfers while reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs in the enterprise.

GoAnywhere is a verified publisher on Docker Hub. Our managed file transfer solution, GoAnywhere MFT, can be downloaded and running in minutes via Docker.

Running GoAnywhere MFT on Docker

Running GoAnywhere MFT in Docker containers is an effortless process. Everything enterprise class IT departments need is included and managed in the Docker image, helping professionals run GoAnywhere with confidence in a Docker container environment.

GoAnywhere’s intuitive interface and comprehensive workflow features help eliminate the need for custom programs and scripts, single-function tools, and manual processes that were traditionally needed. This innovative solution will reduce costs, improve the quality of file transfers, and help your organization to comply with data security audits, policies and regulations.

GoAnywhere MFT on Docker is built using CentOS, a popular open-source Linux operating system.

Using GoAnywhere FTP and SFTP on Docker

GoAnywhere MFT implements secure FTP server and client technology in Docker to protect sensitive file transfers. These file transfers are protected using strong encryption technology, like Open PGP and AS2, as well as modern authentication methods.

Using GoAnywhere on Docker for FTP, SFTP, or other secure file transfer protocols will create encrypted tunnels between client and server systems. These tunnels provide confidentiality and support the integrity of critical transmissions. Secure FTP also protects any user credentials that flow over the connection.

Key Features for GoAnywhere on Docker:

  • Rapidly deploy GoAnywhere MFT on Docker – this is faster than any other platform
  • Automate your file transfer workflows and processes
  • Use LDAP and Active Directory integration for user authentication and synchronization
  • Implement multi-factor authentication with user IDs, passwords, keys, and certificates
  • Exchange cloud file transfers with third parties (remote locations, trading partners, vendors)
  • Guarantee delivery of large files with auto-resume and integrity checks
  • Secure files in transit with secure Docker FTP and SFTP servers

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Explore the Benefits of GoAnywhere MFT on Docker

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